Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1641 - Yun Ruoshui (9)

Chapter 1641: Yun Ruoshui (9)

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Lin Xi's eyes opened wide in shock. Before he had any time to beg for mercy, he had been devoured by the endless black spirit energy. Then he disappeared as if he had never existed.

Feeling exhausted, Yun Ruoshui lay on the ground. Big teardrops fell down from her eyes and she sobbed.

"Mom, I killed again, but they made me…"

In this uninhabited jungle, her tiny body was buried by the surrounding weeds, her shoulders were slightly shaking, and her face was ghastly pale. On her face, a tinge of black smoke gradually appeared, but disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if it was an illusion.

At this time, in a mountain near the Medical Tower, a group of young men and women in white robes were fighting a swarm of spirit beasts.

They had the Medical Tower's badges on their chests. However, these were low-level badges. It seemed that these people had joined the Medical Tower not long ago.

"Brother Yu, these spirit beasts are too powerful. We can't resist them, so… we'd better leave this place." A younger girl, looking worried, wiped the sweat from her brow.

The man called Brother Yu was the leader of the group. He scowled and replied, "We must get this snake spirit grass and exchange it for the medical books of the Medical Tower!"

Entering the Medical Tower had always been his goal. So…

How could he give up the chance to improve himself when he finally entered the Medical Tower? He had to get the snake spirit grass!


The spirit snakes were attacking them more and more fiercely. With a grim and chilly light in their eyes, they kept flicking their tongues. Their green teeth were obviously toxic.


A young man was bitten by a spirit snake. In an instant, his whole arm turned blue. In pain, he covered his arm with his hand and drew back two steps. His pale face showed the pain he felt.

"Rong Chang!"

Brother Yu's face changed. His eyes turned more solemn as he looked at the spirit beasts that were guarding the spirit snake grass. But now it was too late for them to regret because the spirit snakes had surrounded them and they wouldn't be able to get away this time. Besides, the long battle had exhausted them and they were no longer able to resist.

"Are we all going to die here today?" Brother Yu looked sad and regretted that he got his companions into this trouble…


The spirit snakes flicked their long tongues and quickly crawled to them. Looking at them, they all froze. Just when a spirit snake was going to attack a girl among them, all of a sudden, a long sword fell from the sky and cut the snake in half.

The people paused and looked up in astonishment. In an instant, everyone was stunned…


At this moment, a woman landed from the sky. She was like a god, so formidable and noble. She was gorgeous yet wicked. Now she was looking unconcernedly at the swarm of spirit snakes with her haughty dark eyes. The woman was carrying an innocent-looking boy and followed by a tall, handsome young man.

Brother Yu respectfully made an obeisance. "Miss, thank you for saving us."

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