Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1638 - Yun Ruoshui (6)

Chapter 1638: Yun Ruoshui (6)

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No sooner had Ye Jun and Yun Ruoshui stepped into the dark room than they saw that the people sitting in the room stopped their discussion and turned to look at their faces.

"Miss Ruyi, she insisted on taking her sister with her, but this kind of trash…"

Lin Xi's complaints were stopped by Ruyi. She slightly raised the corners of her lips and gave an enchanting smile. "In that case, send both of them to the Qu Family."

Lin Xi was surprised, but his questioning words were choked back when he saw Ruyi wink at him.

Ye Jun clenched her fist tightly. Her eyes were like a sharp long sword that made Ruyi's heart tremble.

The little girl was only five years old. Why did she have such a frightening look? When she grew up, she might bring disaster to her…

For a moment, Ruyi didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse to send Ye Jun to the Qu Family.

"Little sister," At the thought of this, Ruyi slowly stood up and smiled, "I am doing this for your own good. The Qu Family is on good terms with the Medical Tower. If you can be a member of the Qu Family, you'll be able to enjoy a high position and great wealth."

Yun Ruoshui glared at Ruyi with her big eyes. "The master of the Medical Tower is my cousin. If you dare to send Sister Ye Jun to the Qu Family, my cousin won't spare you."

Dad said that her cousin was very strong. The Yun Family used to be bullied on the Longxiao Continent. Her uncle and aunt were murdered and Grandpa was insulted and bullied, but her cousin took up the heavy burden with her weak shoulder and founded the famous Medical Tower. As for the Qu Family…

What was that?

Sister Ye Jun was her cousin's sister-in-law. How dare this woman give Sister Ye Jun to a family attached to the Medical Tower?

Upon hearing this, Ruyi and her companions looked at each other with a sardonic smile on their faces.

"You said your cousin is the master of the Medical Tower? Haha, that's ridiculous. If the master of the Medical Tower is your cousin, then I'm the husband of the master of the Medical Tower."

A heavyset man burst into laughter. Apparently, he thought Yun Ruoshui was lying.

Although Ye Xie was well known on this continent and the names of Ye Jun and Yun Ruoshui were also known to many people, those who knew this were only important figures on this continent. Even the news that the children of the Ye Family were missing was only known to the powerful families.

Ruyi and her companions were only a small gang that lived by trafficking children and were part of the underclass of the continent. They wouldn't know the names of the Ye Family's children! This was why Ruyi didn't feel anything wrong upon hearing the names of Ye Jun and Yun Ruoshui.

"Little sister, a lot of people try to establish a relationship with the Medical Tower, but I don't think you can do it." Ruyi squinted and gave a contemptuous smile. "However, now I'll give you a good chance. If you minister to the young master of the Qu Family well after marrying into it, you'll surely have a bright future."

With this, Ruyi waved her hand and ordered in a cold voice, "Lin Xi, tie them up and throw them into my carriage!"

Among these people, Ruyi and the brocade-robed man were leaders. Since the brocade-robed man never made any decisions, Ruyi was in charge.

Lin Xi made an obeisance and took Ye Jun and Yun Ruoshui away.


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