Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1637 - Yun Ruoshui (5)

Chapter 1637: Yun Ruoshui (5)

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At the same time in a room, Ruyi and her companions were discussing how to deal with these children.

“Miss Ruyi, that little girl named Ye Jun is pretty and talented. I think we can sell her for a good price, but… how about giving her to Master Qu Lin of the Qu Family in Endless City?”

Endless City witnessed great changes in the last few years. The past three families were long gone. Now, the ruler of the Endless City was the Medical Tower, and several powers attached to it.

“Master Qu Lin of the Qu Family has a special relationship with an elder of the Medical Tower. Besides, it’s said that Qu Lin plans to find his son a child bride who must have a good talent in addition to good looks.”

Indeed, Ye Jun could bring them a lot of money, but how could money be compared with a good relationship with the Qu Family?

“Okay! Then bring Ye Jun to Qu Lin.” A light flickered across Ruyi’s eyes and she smiled. “As for the little girl called Yun Ruoshui, I can’t feel any spirit energy in her, so there is only one possibility. That girl is a trash!”

“Since she is a trash, she has no value. Just sell her to pedophiles for some money!”

In a few words, these people had already decided the fates of Yun Ruoshui and Ye Jun, but they didn’t know that this decision would bring a disaster to them…

“Lin Xi, bring Ye Jun here.”

Lin Xi was a handsome young man, but such a good looking person was engaged in child trafficking with these people.

The door of the damp hut was pushed open by a hand, and a handsome young man appeared at the door, gazing coldly at the children inside.

“Ye Jun,” he said expressionlessly, his eyes resting on Ye Jun, “come with me.”

“Sister Ye Jun.”

In a rush, Yun Ruoshui grabbed Ye Jun’s hand, and there were crystal tears in her eyes.

Ye Jun patted Yun Ruoshui’s hand consolingly and looked up at Lin Xi. “Where are you taking me to?”

“A wonderful place where you’ll have a bright future. You should thank us!” Lin Xi said with a sneer, “It’s getting late. Let’s go now.”

“No, I have to go with Shui ‘er,” Ye Jun said seriously, taking Yun Ruoshui’s icy hand.

She left the Ye Family with Shui ‘er, so she couldn’t leave her behind in such a place.

“Her?” Lin Xi sneered. “She doesn’t deserve to go with you! We are giving you such a good chance because you’re talented. But she is just a trash, so she can’t go with you!”

‘I won’t go with you if I am not allowed to take Shui ‘er with me!”

Ye Jun’s big eyes shone with firmness. Though her voice was childish, she didn’t look like a five-year-old girl at all.

Lin Xi frowned. “I can’t decide this. It’s up to Miss Ruyi. You two, come with me.” With that, Lin Xi walked out of the door.

Ye Jun tried to pacify Yun Ruoshui and her childish voice carried a calming force, “Shui’er, don’t be afraid, I will protect you…”


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