Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1635 - Yun Ruoshui (3)

Chapter 1635: Yun Ruoshui (3)

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Yun Ruoshui and Ye Jun ran away from home! This news caused a great uproar in the Land of No Return.

That was because Yun Ruoshui and Ye Jun were both from the Ye Family!

What was the Ye Family? It was the most powerful family in the Fengyuan Kingdom! Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were both from it. And Ye Xie, the little genius, was also from the Ye family. With a noble status, he was also the first genius in the Ye Family and was doted on by Grandfather Ye.

Even though Ye Jun was not as talented as Ye Xie, Grandfather Ye also placed great hopes on her because she was sensible and smart.

As for Yun Ruoshui…

Though she was not the child of the Ye Family, she was Yun Luofeng's cousin. Everyone in the Ye Family was very fond of this lively and adorable girl.


Grandfather Ye almost fell sick after discovering they ran away from home, so this news caused a great uproar on this continent.

At that moment, Yun Luofeng slowly landed from the sky in the mountains and Xiao Mo followed closely behind her.

She finally came back to the Land of No Return, and a myriad of thoughts crowded into her minds.

"I never thought the wormhole of the Jun Family was at Endless City. Since I'm passing by here, I will stop by and visit my acquaintances."

Yun Luofeng smiled and looked around only to see a person lying in the grass.

"Huh?" She frowned and turned her eyes to the blood-soaked brocade-robed boy. For some reason, she slowly walked towards him.

In the grass, there lay a little body that was covered with bruises. His brocade-robed was tattered and his small fair-skinned face was blood-stained. With his eyes closed, he was lying motionlessly in the grass.

"Xiao Mo, the little guy is still alive," Yun Luofeng said, raising her eyebrows.

"Master, are you going to save him?" Xiao Mo paused and asked curiously.

Without saying a word, Yun Luofeng bent down and took out the map the little boy held tightly in his hand. She spread it out and saw a red dot on the map, which happened to be the Medical Tower.

"His destination is the Medical Tower." Yun Luofeng pondered, "Since he wants to go to the Medical Tower, I must save him."

Over the years, the Medical Tower had grown stronger and stronger, and many people had come over and pledged allegiance to it. No matter whether the boy harbored evil intentions against the Medical Tower or not, she could figure out his purpose only when he woke up.

At the thought of this, Yun Luofeng took a black pill from her sleeve, gently put it into the boy's mouth, and poured a pot of water into his mouth.


The pill rolled down with the water into the boy's stomach, and then the wounds on his body began to heal fast enough for the naked eye to see. Soon the little boy, who was lying in the grass, slowly opened his eyes.

What kind of eyes were they?

Clean, clear, and transparent, as if they had been washed with water. You would be able to see your reflection in his pupils.

"You saved me?" The boy's voice was as tender as marshmallows, soft and comfortable to hear.

Yun Luofeng waved the map in her hand, "Were you going to the Medical Tower?"

Hearing this, the little boy immediately looked at them warily, "What do you want?"

"Nothing. I just want to know your name, and… why you're going to the Medical Tower."

"I…" The little boy lowered his head, "My name is Ye…"

Just when he was about to tell her his name, he thought of his reputation on the continent, so he lied, "My name is Lin Xie, and I want to go to the Medical Tower because I want to join it."


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