Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1634 - Yun Ruoshui (2)

Chapter 1634: Yun Ruoshui (2)

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“Little sister, we happen to be going to Endless City as well. Why don’t you go with us?”

Yun Ruoshui paused, and a tinge of suspicion flashed across her face.

She just asked the way. Why was this big sister…so accommodating?

Ye Jun secretly pulled Yun Ruoshui’s sleeve. Both of them stepped back two steps, keeping a distance from the group of people.

“No, thank you. We’ll ask someone else. Shui’er, let’s go.”

She took Yun Ruoshui’s little hand, bypassed the coquettish woman and wanted to go forward.

The woman and the brocade-robed young man looked at each other and stood blocking the way on either side.

“Little sister, the world is dangerous. It’s too dangerous for you to go to the Endless City alone. Let’s take you there.”

The two little girls were gorgeous though they were still little. She could definitely sell them for a good price.

Ye Jun frowned and a touch of vigilance flickered across her eyes, “What on earth do you want to do? Don’t you dare kidnap us! Though we are little, we won’t be tricked by you.”

The coquettish woman’s face changed. A grim and sinister smile appeared on her face, and her eyes shone with a greedy light.

“Haha, let me tell you, kids who run away from home are bound to be kidnapped! Wise up, little girls! Come on, tie them up. I’ll sell them for a good price.”

Yun Ruoshui was timidly hiding behind Ye Jun. Her big frightened eyes were full of tears. She gently bit her pink lips. Her frightened face looked piteous.

“Shui’er, I’ll protect you.”

She was one year older than Yun Ruoshui, and, as her older sister, she was supposed to protect her.

“Miss Ruyi, the boy we captured some time ago is also very nice looking. He’s about the same age as the little girl called Ye Jun. If we take all three of them to auction, we can certainly make a fortune.”


Ye Jun paused and a light flashed through her eyes. Her elder brother secretly left the Ye Family several days ago to look for their parents, Second Brother and his wife. And they ran away from home after him.

Was… her brother was also caught by these bad guys?

“Sister Jun,” Yun Ruoshui pouted, with tears in her eyes, “We must not fall into the hands of these people. I’m so scared…”

Ye Jun patted Yun Ruoshui’s little hand consolingly. With a cold gleam in her eyes, she lowered her head and said to Yun Ruoshui in a very small voice, “Shui’er, I suspect they captured my brother.”

“Brother Xiao Xie?

Yun Ruoshui’s eyes widened in surprise, and her small, pink face was covered with consternation.

“You mean Brother Xiao Xie is in their hands?”

“I’m just guessing, so…”

Though Ye Jun stopped, Yun Ruoshui knew what she wanted to tell her…

“Little sister, do you choose to go with me or to be tied up and carried away by me?” Ruyi slowly asked with a sneer.

Ye Jun squeezed Yun Ruoshui’s little hands again to calm down.

And then, she raised her head. Looking valiant in bearing, she looked just like Jun Fengling.

“I’ll go with you, but I advise you not to touch my sister, or else you won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

Ruyi’s smile was no longer as chilly as just now, “Good, you made the right choice. Come on, take them away!”


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