Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1628 - Leaving Beast Province (1)

Chapter 1628: Leaving Beast Province (1)

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Hearing this, Little Bug sent the enthusiastic dragon king a peculiar look. He could not bear it and said, "You are dreaming, right? The Phoenix Tribe has already sworn their allegiance to my master, so why would my master help you attack the Phoenix Tribe?"

The dragon king's smile abruptly disappeared. Shock invaded his face and he was stupefied as he met Little Bug's derisive gaze.

"You said the Phoenix Tribe has sworn allegiance to your master?"

Little Bug snorted. "If you want to attack the Phoenix Tribe, then you can go yourself. We won't interfere with this."

Then, Little Bug wiggled his body and leisurely crawled toward Yun Xiao.

Yun Xiao casually picked Little Bug up and turned to Yun Luofeng with a gentle expression. "Let's go."

They came here to find Hong Luan. Now that Hong Luan had been found, there was no need to stay.

"Ancestor!" The dragon king turned pale with fright and knelt in front of Little Bug with a plop.

Seeing this, the other members of the Dragon Tribe all simultaneously knelt down, forming a row.

"Ancestor, you can't leave. What will we do if you leave?" he sobbed.

The Dragon Tribe finally found Venerable Ancestor after so many years. If they allowed Venerable Ancestor to leave, when would they ever see him again?

Yun Xiao disdainfully glanced at the dragon king's pleading face and coolly stated, "He is my pet, so he must follow me if I leave."

The dragon king's eyes sparkled. "Sir Yun Xiao, we are willing to obey your orders. We only hope you can remain here."

If Yun Xiao stayed, their venerable ancestor would not leave. However… was it possible to make Yun Xiao stay?

"I will come back when I need you."

In other words, he would only return here when he needed the Dragon Tribe.

After saying this, his hand wrapped around Yun Luofeng's waist and he immediately leaped a distance away.

The Dragon Tribe wanted to block Yun Xiao, but before he could touch even a corner of his clothes, the black figure had already disappeared from his sight.

Nangong Yunyi looked at Hong Luan with hesitation and was silent for a moment before saying, "I'm very sorry about peeping at you before. I will also take responsibility for you, but I have something to take care of right now, so…"

Whether it was Long Yin's subordinate or the eldest princess of the Leopard Clan, he would not spare either one.

Hong Luan glared at Nangong Yunyi. "When did I say I want you to take responsibility? Moreover, you destroyed my spirit spring, do you think that just admitting guilt is enough to erase my loss? Nangong Yunyi, let me tell you, you are dreaming!"

She snorted and added, "However, seeing that you still need to take revenge, I will spare you for now. I will settle the matter with you after you finish taking care of everything."

In truth, Nangong Yunyi had realized already that this woman had a sharp tongue but a soft heart, so he was not as terrified of her as before.

"Alright!" Nangong Yunyi smiled. "You can punish me however you want after I finish taking revenge. I won't run away this time."

For some reason, when Hong Luan heard Nangong Yunyi's last sentence, her heart skipped a beat. She looked up and met the man's determined eyes and felt a trace of unease.

Even she herself did not understand the reason behind this sudden feeling.

Witnessing the two people's unusual atmosphere, Long Yin's face turned more displeased, and he intently glared at Nangong Yunyi.


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