Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1626 - Fate (4)

Chapter 1626: Fate (4)

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Long Yin’s attacks were very ferocious and continually landed on the eldest princess without holding back.

The eldest princess was beaten senseless and could not understand the current situation. “Sir Long Yin, you…”

Before she could finish her words, Long Yin burst into laughter and started crying as he laughed. “Do you know, because of you, I’m about to lose my life.”

His voice was like lightning, and the eldest princess was struck dumb.

What? Sir Long Yin was about to lose his life?

“You d*mn woman, do you know who you want to harm? She is the mistress of our Dragon Tribe’s venerable ancestor! You wanted me to step beyond my station and kill her, isn’t that the same as sending me to my death?” Long Yin’s teeth cracked from how hard he clenched them. He wished nothing more than to cut this woman into thousands of pieces!

No! Even cutting her into pieces could not pacify the rage in his heart!


The eldest princess was completely dazed.

Yun Luofeng was the mistress of the Dragon Tribe’s venerable ancestor… This sentence alone continued to echo in her mind. She was unable to think about anything else.

Her body started trembling, and her pale face was drained of blood. Only now did she understand the enormity of the mistake that she had committed…

“What was laughable was that I idiotically believed your words.”

Long Yin was in great pain. He sent another punch toward the eldest princess and caused the wall behind her to collapse, instantly burying the eldest princess.

“Wait!” Hu Li hastily called. “She can’t die yet. I need to know where Yili went.”

Back in Beast City, his was mind was muddled enough to believe the eldest princess’ nonsense. But now, he wanted to know nothing more than Yili’s whereabouts.

Inside the rubble, the eldest princess snorted. She was immobilized and only her eyes, full of discontent and resentment, were exposed.

“Back then, I was clearly the one who discovered you first! Why did you choose Yili?”

The eldest princess did not like Hu Li, but her ego caused her to continue to brood over this!

Her looks surpassed Yili’s by a mile, so why did Hu Li choose Yili? She did not even have the chance to take him by force…

“Although Yili’s appearance was disfigured, her heart wasn’t. She was very kind, unlike you, and she would not force other people to do things they were unwilling to. Moreover, my marriage with her was only a pretense so that you wouldn’t have any ulterior motives toward me.”

However, he had been subconsciously attracted to the strong and patient girl for a long time.

So what if her face was disfigured? What he cared about had never been her looks.

The eldest princess derisively smiled. “You want to know Yili’s whereabouts? I insist on not telling you. Even if I die, I won’t let you find her…”

After saying this, the eldest princess pulled her arm out of the rubble with a struggle and forcefully clapped it towards her head.

Before her hand could make contact, a black sword light shot over and chopped her whole arm off.

“AH!” An intense pain elicited a heart-wrenching scream from the eldest princess. She nearly fainted from the excess blood loss.

Yun Xiao silently withdrew his hand and calmly stood beside Yun Luofeng, as though the person who ruthlessly acted just now wasn’t him.

“Although you’re not the one who killed the members of the Wind Chasing Alliance, their deaths are still related to you.” Yun Luofeng glanced at her. “If I had known you had the intention to kill them earlier, then I… absolutely would not have allowed your continued existence! Hence, death is wishful thinking for you!”


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