Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1623 - Fate (1)

Chapter 1623: Fate (1)

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Long Yun’s eyes widened in shock as he looked at Long Yin’s deathly pale face, stunned. Seeing everyone staring at him, he unconsciously shivered.

“Hmph!” Little Bug twisted his chubby body and crawled forward from the stage. His gaze was arrogant as he looked down on the kneeling man. “The Dragon Tribe is truly brave! They dare to harm the people around my mistress even. I originally only wanted to discipline you, but it appears this ancestor can’t help you this time!”

In truth, Little Bug did not plan to plead on Long Yin’s behalf, to begin with. Who told this bastard to kidnap Mistress’s friend and wanted to harm Mistress? He purposefully said those words in order to illustrate his benevolence.

However… his voice caused Long Yun to shudder. Wasn’t this bug the venerable ancestor that His Majesty had them find? What did his words mean though? Mistress?

Long Yin frowned. “We were tricked by that woman from the Leopard Tribe this time.”

If he survived, he absolutely would not spare that despicable woman! She caused him to lose Hong Luan as well!

As though struck by lightning, Long Yun froze. Before he could plead for mercy, he heard the dragon king coldly order, “Guards, take him away. Flay him and pull his tendons!”

“Haha!” Suddenly, Nangong Yunyi gave a deranged laugh.

“Flay him and pull his tendons? How could that little pain compare to all the brothers that I lost?” Nangong Yunyi was gnashing his teeth from hatred. “Unless I slice his meat off piece by piece, the hatred in my heart won’t be eliminated!”

All the brothers who went to hell and back with him had their spirits dissipated because of this evil dragon, so how could he swallow his anger?

Yun Luofeng silently looked at Nangong Yunyi before pulling out a porcelain bottle from her space ring and passing it to him.

“After you slice a piece of him off, sprinkle this powder on the injury and it will recover within a few days. You can torture him for as long as you want until your anger has dissolved…”

Nangong Yunyi accepted the bottle. “Good brother!”

Only Yun Luofeng understood him the best in this world. Also, only Yun Luofeng would hand him the most useful item when he needed it…

Yun Xiao icily swept his eyes over Nangong Yunyi’s hand before he deftly held Yun Luofeng’s hand in his and gently brushed over the spot where Nangong Yunyi’s fingertip had barely touched her palm.

Perhaps due to sympathy, Hong Luan did not continue screaming at Nangong Yunyi and gently sighed. “In truth, I can understand his feelings. If all of my brothers were wiped out, then I would have the intent to eradicate his ancestor too!”

Nangong Yunyi was fairly rational still and did not take his anger out on the dragons because of this…

“This dragon of the Dragon Tribe injured my people. From now on, you aren’t permitted to interfere with his fate,” Yun Luofeng coldly stated with a glance at the dragon king.

Seeing that Yun Luofeng had spoken, how could the dragon king dare to say no? Couldn’t you see his ancestor harshly glaring at him right now?

“Since it was his fault in the first place, then his punishment will be left to Miss Yun.”

“Alright.” Yun Luofeng walked to Nangong Yunyi’s side and lightly clapped his shoulders. “Nangong, you can take revenge however you want, but don’t grieve too much. In this world, if the soul was not destroyed when the body died, then there’s a chance to meet again…”

This was not Huaxia where if your family in Huaxia passed away, you would not see them ever again. Here, as long as your soul still existed, then there was a chance to meet again…

If fate willed it, then they would naturally meet again!

“Thank you,” Nangong Yunyi hoarsely said.

He knew Yun Luofeng was comforting him. Even so, it did not eliminate the sorrow in his heart.

Yun Luofeng did not say anything else and turned her gaze toward the main culprit, Long Yin. “How will you punish this dragon?”

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