Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1620 - Hong Luan (4)

Chapter 1620: Hong Luan (4)

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“Yun Luofeng, I had already stayed inside that holy spring for a three whole months! I endured the torment of three months of soaking! I needed only one more day to break through!” Hong Luan’s tears started falling again. This time, it wasn’t caused by sadness, it was heartache. Her heart ached for herself!

“Tell me, shouldn’t I kill this scoundrel?!”

Yun Luofeng nodded in agreement. “Should kill.”

“So, if the heavens pity me and let me encounter that scoundrel again, I will shred him into pieces, flay him, and tear out his tendons!”

If you put yourself in Hong Luan’s place, and for example, you gained three months of hard-earned money after trials and tribulations. You suffered through torment and pain during these three months and only needed one more day to acquire this sum.

This sum of money was also life-saving money. After all, to Hong Luan back then, every time that she raised her strength was particularly important to her. However, the person who was going to pay you suddenly ran away!

Wouldn’t you want to kill that person due to rage? You probably would have the desire to rape his ancestors too!

“Yun Luofeng, at that time, I don’t need you to avenge me. Just help me tie that punk up. I want to personally kill him! No, killing him isn’t enough. I will whip his corpse a hundred times! That punk is too good at escaping though, he slips through my fingers every time!”

Hong Luan’s teeth made cracking noises from how hard she ground them. She had never loathed someone as much as him.

Yun Luofeng touched her nose. She kept feeling like the person who Hong Luan spoke of was… Nangong Yunyi?

“Let’s go. Other people are waiting for us still.” Yun Luofeng smiled and supported Hong Luan to leave the cave.

Inside the palace of the Dragon Tribe, Long Yin was kneeling on the ground, shuddering. His face was pale, and he was biting his lips with fear overflowing from his eyes.

Little Bug’s chubby little figure was loftily standing on the stage and looking down on the dragons kneeling before him with disdain in his eyes.

“This ancestor was not gone for very long. Yet, the Dragon Tribe has fallen so low and would even do something like kidnapping women.”

A dragon below quietly muttered, “Isn’t this normal in Beast Province? Why can’t our Dragon Tribe do this?”

“Shut up!” Little Bug was very angry. “This ancestor is so stately, how can I possess a group of vulgar descendants like you? Whoever dares to commit a blunder like this in the future won’t be pardoned!”

As he announced this, footsteps were heard. When the turned around, they discovered Yun Luofeng helping Hong Luan walk toward them.

Yun Xiao walked to Yun Luofeng’s side and silently stood there. A rare tenderness that only appeared whenever he looked at her surfaced in his cold eyes.


Hong Luan’s eyes shot open and pushed Yun Luofeng’s hand away. She swiftly darted forward.

Nangong Yunyi was stunned out of his wits. He did not expect that the person he wanted to find would be Yun Luofeng’s friend! This woman was especially aggressive, as though she would not give up until she killed him!

Seeing Hong Luan within reach, Nangong Yunyi rapidly fled toward Yun Luofeng.

“Yun Luofeng, hurry and help me stop this crazy woman!”

Hong Luan’s face was livid as she clenched her teeth, “Punk, I will definitely make you pay for destroying my holy spring! Prepare to die!”

In truth, Hong Luan did not actually want to kill Nangong Yunyi, Her words to Yun Luofeng were mere words of anger. However, if she did not mercilessly punish this punk, her rage could not be pacified!



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