Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1619 - Hong Luan (3)

Chapter 1619: Hong Luan (3)

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"Hong Luan, I had trouble finding you, yet you want to take me down with you?"

Hong Luan froze. She tightly grasped the corner of her clothes. Disbelief flashed through her deathly pale face, anxiety surfacing in her eyes.

It was her? No! She was already dead, so how could she be here?

She must be hallucinating!

"What? We haven't seen each other for three years, but you aren't willing to even take a look at me?"

The familiarly wicked voice near her ear caused Hong Luan to be unable to hold back her excitement. She slightly turned her head.

A girl in white stood silently at the entrance of the snowy mountain cave, sunlight shining on the unrivaled beautiful face. Her clothes were whiter than the snow that covered the ground, and her beauty had the ability to cause people to forget to breathe…

"Yun Luofeng…" This name was too distant, so distant that it caused Hong Luan's eyes to redden. "It's really you?"

"Hong Luan, I came to take you away…" Yun Luofeng slowly entered. Her steps were light, but she reached Hong Luan's bed with a few steps.

Her fair and slender fingers gently grasped Hong Luan's arm. Instantly, a stream of spirit energy flowed from Yun Luofeng's palm and gathered inside Hong Luan's body.

A while later, she released Hong Luan's hand and asked, "How do you feel?"

"A lot better. I'm not as cold…"

Although Hong Luan's condition was the consequence of the frost fruit, she had to remain on the ice bed if she wanted to stay alive. Her originally already icy body was cold beyond reason after being chilled by the ice bed.

However, at this moment, she could feel an oddly warm current circulating in her body.

"I temporarily suppressed the cold air in your body. I will treat you later. But it's time to settle our accounts with people!"

Yun Luofeng placed her arm in front of Hong Luan, and Hong Luan used her arm as support to stand up. Her alluring and determined eyes silently stared at the girl standing in front of her.

A moment later, she smiled. "Yun Luofeng, it's truly good that you are still alive…"

Yes! It was truly good that she was still alive.

Hong Luan's tears could not be held back any longer flooded out. It was her first time crying without abandon in front of someone else in her twenty-plus years. She did not cry when she experienced betrayal. She did not cry when she was forced to be married to someone. She also did not cry when Yun Luofeng died.

It was only after seeing Yun Luofeng that she could not bear it anymore and unleashed her emotions from the past three years.

Yun Luofeng went up and gently embraced Hong Luan's shoulders, killing intent flickering through her downcast eyes.

"Hong Luan, you have suffered these past three years. I won't allow anyone who hurt you to get away with it."

Hong Luan smiled. Her smile was akin to a flower on her tearful face.

"Besides Long Yin, another scoundrel also hurt me."


"I don't know him. But I discovered a holy spring and bathing in this holy spring could allow my strength to rise." Hong Luan's gaze was brimming with rage, murder sparkling in her eyes. "Who would have thought that a scoundrel would accidentally stumble inside…"

Yun Luofeng was startled. For some reason, she felt like Hong Luan's words were very familiar, as though she heard it from somewhere else.

"It was enough that he saw my whole body, but this scoundrel just had to have a nosebleed!" Hong Luan tightly clenched her fists. "The only weak point of the holy spring was that it could not be tainted by blood. His blood contaminated the holy spring, causing the spring water to lose its effects."


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