Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1618 - Hong Luan (2)

Chapter 1618: Hong Luan (2)

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Yet, in his mouth, his cowardly behavior became a heroic deed.

The members of the Dragon Tribe were truly gullible. No wonder Long Yin would trust the eldest princess of the Leopard Tribe.

Little Bug’s face was full of satisfaction. That’s right, he wasn’t a scum who fled in the face of battle, he was the hero of the Dragon Tribe!

“We respectfully welcome Venerable Ancestor’s return to the tribe.” The dragon king faintly smiled.

Since their venerable ancestor had returned, the Dragon Tribe’s position would immediately be able to surpass the Phoenix Tribe and become the number one tribe of Beast Province.

“Hold on!” Little Bug suddenly called out, halting the dragon king, and turned his eyes toward the ashen Long Yin. “What were you saying earlier? You wanted to forcefully marry my mistress’s friend? You even planned to kill my mistress to extract some fire spirit fruit?”

Cold sweat rained down Long Yin’s face. He opened his mouth but was unable to say anything in defense of himself.

Wait… Mistress? Venerable Ancestor called this human woman Mistress?

The dragon king opened his mouth in shock. “Venerable Ancestor, these two humans aren’t your slaves?”

He had thought that these two humans were nothing more than Venerable Ancestor’s slaves. But… according to Venerable Ancestor’s wording, this cold man in black was actually his master?

What good had he done to be able to tame Venerable Ancestor?

“Idiot!” Little Bug rolled his eyes. “If he wasn’t my master, why would I appear by his side?”

The dragon king was rendered speechless. What he said seemed reasonable… he had no refutation.

Little Bug snorted. He did not look at the dragon king anymore and set his sight on the trembling Long Yin instead.

“I have stayed with Mistress for a long time, so why haven’t I ever seen this fire spiritual fruit?”

“The eldest princess of the Leopard Clan told me this, there’s no way…” Suddenly, Long Yin came to a realization. His eyes shot open, rage invading it.

Could it be that the d*mn woman deceived him?

“I want to see Hong Luan.” Yun Luofeng’s wicked voice was heard, lowering the temperature of the surroundings by several degrees.

The dragon man glared at Long Yin. “Why haven’t you gone to bring this miss’s friend over already?”

Long Yin was displeased, his tightly clenched fists slightly trembling. However, there was nothing he could do. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

No matter what, Long Yin never would have expected Hong Luan to have connections to Venerable Ancestor… If he knew, perhaps he would not have impulsively done something irreparable.

“However, Your Majesty, due to her condition, Hong Luan is unable to leave the ice bed. Hence, I can only invite them to go and see Hong Luan. She is unable to come.”

The dragon king’s face turned more displeased. He did not expect things to progress like this! With this in mind, he cautiously glanced at Little Bug, afraid Long Yin’s behavior would provoke Venerable Ancestor.

“What are you still waiting for then? Hurry and lead the way!”

Inside an icy and snowy cave, a girl in red peacefully laid on the ice bed, her eyes gently shut. Her skin was white as snow, and a chilly air emanated from it.

Suddenly, footsteps came from outside the door, causing her to open her eyes. A cold glint flashed through her eyes. “Why are you here again? I already said I would rather die than become your wife. If you force me, I don’t mind taking you down with me!”

She was greeted with a chuckle, and an extremely familiar voice drifted to her ears.


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