Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1616 - Dragon King (3)

Chapter 1616: Dragon King (3)

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The man in white pondered for a moment. This woman was able to injure Long Yin, so these people’s strength must be exceptional…

Their venerable ancestor had not appeared yet, and the Dragon Tribe was unlike the past. They could not attract enemies at a time like this.

The dragon king hesitated for a moment before saying. “Your friend has already become a member of my Dragon Tribe. I request you to return, and I will overlook your harming of the residents of the Dragon Tribe. How about it?”

“Your Majesty!” Long Yin’s heart jolted. “You can’t allow these people to leave! This woman possesses the fire spirit fruit inside her body. Only the fire spirit fruit can save Hong Luan!”

That’s right! Hong Luan could only live if Yun Luofeng died.

Long Yin turned to Yun Luofeng. “You said Hong Luan is your friend. Then you must be willing to sacrifice for your friend! If you stand on the sidelines without lending a hand, what right do you have to steal Hong Luan from my hands?”

Yun Xiao icily glanced at Long Yin and waved his hand. A wave of power hit Long Yin in the chest with a bang, causing him to fly back.

Before the elders of the Dragon Tribe could react, Long Yin had already collapsed. Their face dramatically changed and they furiously looked at Yun Xiao.

“Human, you truly have the nerve! You dare to be so impudent even in front of us. Your Majesty, if we don’t kill these people, where would the pride of our Dragon Tribe stand in the world?”

The dragon king did not speak. He stared intently at Yun Xiao’s sleeve. Was he mistaken about what he saw?

When Yun Xiao attacked Long Yin, he clearly saw a little bug hidden inside this man’s sleeve… And why did that little bug look so similar to their venerable ancestor?

“Can you show me the thing in your sleeve?” The dragon king did not respond to the begging of the Dragon Tribe elder and avidly looked at Yun Xiao.

The elders of the Dragon Tribe were startled, uncomprehending of His Majesty’s interest in a human’s sleeve. Could it be that this human man hid some treasure in his sleeve?

Inside the sleeve, the little bug curled its body and inwardly cursed Yun Xiao.

Why didn’t you use your other hand when you attacked Long Yin? Then you wouldn’t expose me!

The little bug was very resentful. Although he was the ancestor of the Dragon Tribe, he did not want to see these people at all and had no desire to return to this so-and-so Dragon Tribe…

Yun Luofeng glanced at the dragon king and connected it to something Little Bug previously said. An answer faintly formed.

However… Ever since Little Bug heard she wanted to enter Dragon Tribe, he had hidden inside Yun Xiao’s sleeve, illustrating the little guy’s unwillingness to return to Dragon Tribe.

Yun Luofeng held down Yun Xiao’s hand and looked up at the dragon king with a brazen expression. “The Dragon Tribe not only kidnapped my friend but also lacks sincerity. Why should I do as you wish?”

“Your Majesty!” Long Yin clutched his injured chest and climbed up from the ground, glaring at Yun Luofeng. “These humans are too insolent! Since it’s like this, we should just steal the treasure!”

His Majesty’s temper had always been bad. Anyone who offended him would often meet a tragic end. Hence, Yun Luofeng just had to offend His Majesty of all the things she could have done. His Majesty certainly would not allow these humans to leave…

Seeing Yun Luofeng’s attitude, the dragon king was more certain that the object hidden in Yun Xiao’s sleeve was the venerable ancestor they had been looking for!

Suddenly, he kneeled on one knee and loudly said in a reverent tone, “I, the king of the Dragon Tribe, hereby respectfully request Venerable Ancestor to appear.”


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