Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1613 - Dragon Tribe (3)

Chapter 1613: Dragon Tribe (3)

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"You overestimate yourself!" The blue-robed man's face abruptly shifted, and his gaze turned more haughty. "A mere human daring to provoke the dignity of the Dragon Tribe, aren't you seeking death?"

Nangong Yunyi was very displeased with the man's attitude and harrumphed. "Yun Luofeng, Yun Xiao, let me teach him a lesson first. If I don't beat him to the point of crying father and mother, I will kneel down and call him father!"

"Yun Luofeng?"

This name drifted to the blue-robed man's ears, causing his eyes to narrow, and killing intent flashed through his eyes. He wanted to find her, but she unexpected sent herself into his hands. It looked like the heavens were helping him too…

"You aren't worthy of saying the name Yun Luofeng!" Nangong Yunyi slightly lifted his chin, evidently unconcerned about the expert of the Dragon Tribe.

The blue-robed man did not grow angry and darkly chuckled. "Yun Luofeng, hand over the fire spirit fruit!"

Fire spirit fruit?

Yun Luofeng's eyebrows slightly knitted, a cold glint emitting from her eyes. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"You still have the nerve to play dumb at a time like this? The eldest princess of the Leopard Tribe already told me you possess the fire spirit fruit! Immediately hand it over, and perhaps I will spare you in consideration of your sincerity," the blue-robed man overbearingly ordered as he extended his hand.

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes. She did not expect this to be the fault of the eldest princess of the Leopard Tribe.

"I don't have the fire spirit fruit." Yun Luofeng laid her hands out. "Believe it or not."

"I would rather believe spirit beasts than cunning humans! If you don't hand over the fire spirit fruit and make me unable to save my beloved Hong Luan, I will make you meet a tragic end!"

Hong Luan… This name slammed into Yun Luofeng's heart, causing it to start trembling.

Yun Xiao was about to act, but before he could, Yun Luofeng swiftly grabbed his hand, making his aura retract in an instant.

She deeply inhaled, suppressing the emotions boiling inside of her, and coldly looked at the blue-robed man. "If you tell me the cause and effects, perhaps… I can save the person!"

She said she was going to save the person, not hand over the fire spirit fruit, but to Long Yin, Yun Luofeng was clearly unable to withstand his threat and planned to hand over the fire spirit fruit.

"Since you will soon be a group of dead people anyways, it won't matter if I tell you!" The blue-robed man snorted. "Hong Luan is my beloved woman. Unfortunately, if we copulate, the child she would bear would certainly be only half-beast, and their blood will be impure, affecting the child's talent…"

He continued with a smile, "So… after hearing that the frost fruit could resolve this problem, I fed it to her! Who knew that the sequelae of the frost fruit would be extremely strong? She requires the fire spirit fruit to be saved!"

Yun Luofeng tightly clenched her fists, the fury in her heart nearly rushing out.

With Hong Luan's personality, how could she remain in the Dragon Tribe to have children and engage in a romance when Yun Luofeng's fate was unknown? Every detail pointed to the fact that Hong Luan must have been forced! And to satisfy his selfishness, this dragon forced Hong Luan to consume the frost fruit…

She absolutely would not spare him!

"No wonder everyone couldn't find Hong Luan. It turns out she was snatched away by the Dragon Tribe!" Yun Luofeng smiled, an eerie smile that was accompanied by a murderous aura erupting from her pitch-black eyes.

She was domineering and bewitching. "Anyone who hurts her must be punished!"


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