Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1611 - Dragon Tribe (1)

Chapter 1611: Dragon Tribe (1)

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“F**k it, let’s go at him with everything we have!”

The man’s companions could not hold back the rage and fear in their hearts anymore.

“We can’t allow our deceased brothers to have died for nothing!”

“That’s right, even if we can’t kill this dragon, we must strip him of his scales as a sacrifice for our brothers’ spirits!”

Everyone charged toward the dragon without any inhibitions. All except for the man who once slandered Yun Luofeng. He took advantage of the people’s inattention to secretly sneak away…

Currently, everyone’s eyes were focused on the dragon, so they did not notice his escape.

Blood dyed the earth red. Like courageous warriors, every member of the Wind Chasing Alliance did not back down despite their fear in the face of death!

They had enough of living in hiding and would rather take a risk with everything they had. Even if they died, they wanted to enter the underworld together and carve out a new path…

The Dragon Tribe was situated inside a towering mountain range with dangerous terrain. An intense sense of danger emanated from a valley.

“Who has the guts to trespass into the Dragon Tribe?!”

An oppressive voice rumbled from the eerie valley. Soon after, an enormous body dashed up and obscured the entire sky with its body.

“He is the mountain’s guardian deity dragon from the Dragon Tribe.” Nangong Yunyi narrowed his eyes. “He is at low-rank sage-lord level!”

Hearing Nangong Yunyi’s voice, the dragon in the air looked down at him, his gaze containing pride and disdain. His oppressive voice was akin to a heavy hammer that mercilessly pounded on people’s hearts. “Human? Why did a group of insignificant humans come here?”

“We came to find someone.” Yun Luofeng looked up at the dragon.

“Our Dragon Tribe doesn’t have who you are looking for, so immediately leave here. Otherwise, I won’t allow you to leave Dragon Mountain.” The dragon’s voice was derisive, clearly disregarding Yun Luofeng. In his view, it was already good enough if he leniently allowed her to leave. If she was foolhardy, then don’t blame him for being impolite.

“Oh?” Yun Luofeng smiled with raised brows. “Then I would like to see how you won’t allow me to leave Dragon Mountain.”

“Humph!” A white mist puffed out of the dragon’s nostrils. His eyes dripped with arrogance as he peered up. “I can fulfill your wish.”


A loud roar thundered to the horizon.

The dragon’s mouth gradually grew bigger, containing a formidable power inside. Instantly, a huff of dragon’s breath shot out, similar to the sun rapidly descending from the sky, and turned the whole sky hazy.


The dragon’s breath slammed into the ground with Yun Luofeng at its center. For a hundred meters around her, everything turned into ruins.

The dragon smiled with satisfaction. Those three humans had no possibility of surviving under his dragon’s breath. However, the subsequent scene caused the dragon’s pupils to contract and his expression to drastically change.

The dust cleared, revealing a man with his arm extending forward and his clothes fluttering in the air without any wind. He was icy like a killing god, and a formidable aura surrounded him, causing a cyclone to be generated in his surroundings.

His huff of dragon’s breath was single-handedly blocked by this man?

Impossible! Since when were humans strong to this extent?

Affected by the man’s cyclone, the girl’s white clothes danced in the wind, and her hair gently brushed across her face. Her beauty caused people to forget to breathe.


While the dragon was embroiled in shock, the girl on the ground had already disappeared without a trace.

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