Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1610 - The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (6)

Chapter 1610: The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (6)

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Song Mu snorted. "The president isn't here at the Alliance. Even if she was, we wouldn't hand her over!"

"Hmph!" the dragon snorted. "You forced my hand! Since you want to die, then I will grant your wish!"


The dragon's angry roar reverberated in the sky and a puff of dragon's breath sliced through the air, aimed directly at the humans on the ground.

"Careful!" Xiao Xi grabbed Xiao Yan and protected him under her body.

Xiao Yan froze. He could feel a warm liquid slowly dripping down onto his face, moist and with a scent of copper.

He slowly looked up. His heart jolted, and tears wanted to escape his eyes.

"Auntie Xiao Xi…"

The woman was bleeding from all of the orifices on her face, the fresh blood provoking his nerves and causing his body to stretch taut.

"Leave here and tell the president to not go to Dragon Tribe… she mustn't go to the Dragon Tribe…"


Xiao Xi punched Xiao Yan's chest, and he instantly flew back. He frantically stretched his hand out to grasp Xiao Xi, but he could do nothing but watch as his companions grew farther and farther away.

The dragon disdainfully glanced at Xiao Yan, but he didn't chase after him. He snorted, his face devoid of any emotion. "Merely a half-beast boy. He doesn't elicit my desire to kill him. It's good to let him leave. That way, someone will inform Yun Luofeng about this!"

The moment she sent Xiao Yan away, Xiao Xi could not support herself anymore and fell over with a bang. Blood gushed out of her body, dyeing the ground around her red.

"XIAO XI!" Song Mu's eyes spat out furious fire filled with hatred. He turned to the dragon in the air. "Today, even if we die here, we will die without regrets! President and the others will certainly avenge us!"

"Avenge you?" The dragon haughtily stated, "A group of insignificant humans delusionally wants to seek revenge from our Dragon Tribe?"

"The Phoenix Tribe is the subordinate of our president. Don't you think President has the ability to avenge us?" Song Mu tightly clenched his fists.

"Haha!" The dragon madly laughed. "No wonder you dare to disregard the Dragon Tribe, it turns out you have the backing of the Phoenix Tribe. You think those little birds can provoke the Dragon Tribe? If the Phoenix Tribe has the nerve to come, then I will shoot each one that comes and shoot each pair that comes!"

Although the Dragon Tribe and Phoenix Tribe both stood at the peak of Beast Province, how could two factions that both claimed to be number one admit that the other party's strength was the same as theirs?

The Dragon Tribe looked down on the Phoenix Tribe, but the Phoenix Tribe also looked down on the Dragon Tribe!

"Sir Song Mu, let's risk it all against this dragon! If we unfortunately die here, then we will continue to be brothers in hell!"

"That's right, people die eventually anyways. What's the difference between dying early and dying later? We can even scout the road for President and Vice President in hell, hahaha!"

Perhaps due to excessive fear, brash things suddenly started to spill out of these people's mouths in order to mask the trembling of their hearts.

"F**k it! I am done with living in hiding! I will go first, just follow me!" a man cursed before swiftly charging toward the dragon, madness ruling his eyes.

"Stop!" Song Mu anxiously shouted.

It was too late though. The man reached the front of the dragon and was instantly swallowed by a puff of dragon's breath.

Song Mu's eyes constricted. His hand was still stretched out as he saw another companion disappear before his eyes.


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