Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1609 - The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (5)

Chapter 1609: The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (5)

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Watching these brothers who had gone through fire and water with him, Song Mu’s lips could not help but turn up.

Indeed, although they joined the Alliance, in order to avoid discovery by the spirit beasts they had been living life in hiding these past few years, it was only now that they could drink without inhibition like this! This was not something they dared to even think about in the past. They feared enemies attacking when they were drunk and they did not have the power to resist!


Suddenly, the ground shook, startling people and causing alcohol to splash out of their cups and splatter onto the ground.

“What… is happening?”

Everyone turned pale with fright. Logically, all the leaders of the beast race had been controlled by the Phoenix Tribe, so who would come so daringly to cause trouble?

“Let’s go, we will take a look.” Song Mu’s features darkened as he slowly exited the pub.

However, when they all walked out and saw the gigantic dragon in the sky, they nearly collapsed with terror.

“Dragon! Heavens, how did we forget about the Dragon Tribe?! The Dragon Tribe is on equal footing with the Phoenix Tribe in Beast Province, so they don’t have to fear the Phoenix Tribe!” The young man who spoke was deathly pale from fright. His legs were trembling, nearly falling over.

However, he forced himself to stand upright and not fall in front of a dragon.

Song Mu inquired with a frown, “This expert from the Dragon Tribe, why did you come to our Wind Chasing Alliance?”

The dragon snorted, and his tone was haughty and derisive. “You aren’t worthy of asking me anything!”

His extremely arrogant voice caused the staunch men of the Wind Chasing Alliance to be incredibly furious.

“Sir Song Mu, let’s not waste words with this dragon! We should just fight!”

Anyone could tell the visitor had ill intentions. Who cared about the difference between their strength at a time like this?

They would rather die standing than live kneeling!

“You overestimate your abilities!” The dragon snorted.

The snort appeared unconcerned and normal to other people. Nothing should happen…



A mouthful of blood sprayed from the man who spoke in anger. He wavered a few times before falling face down on the ground.

“Qinglin!” Song Mu shouted and hurriedly took the man’s into his arms, his fingers frantically laid over his pulse.

“His heart is shattered, and his life is beyond help.” Song Mu’s eyes were red as he slowly stood up from the ground. His voice trembled. “What did we humans do wrong? Why must the spirit beasts kill us to the last one?”

The dragon’s deep voice carried a trace of contempt when faced with Song Mu’s angry inquiries. “This is Beast Province, the spirit beasts’ domain. In the other provinces, don’t you humans treat spirit beasts the same way? Any strong spirit beast will be fought over or slaughtered! Moreover, didn’t you enter the Beast Province to contract a strong spirit beast?”

Song Mu was rendered speechless.

Indeed, humans wanted to possess any strong spirit beast that they saw. Spirit beasts were the same way. They desired to acquire any good-looking human that they saw. And if they didn’t obey, then they could only be beaten until they did obey!

“In this world, the strong lord it over the weak. There’s no difference between spirit beasts and humans. The stronger side has the right to enslave the weaker side!” White mist came from the dragon’s mouth as he domineeringly looked down on the group of insignificant humans under him, as though they were nothing more than ants.

“Now, you only need to hand over Yun Luofeng, and I can allow the Wind Chasing Alliance to retain a few survivors!”

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