Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1608 - The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (4)

Chapter 1608: The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (4)
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He said she left, not died…

However, to other people’s ears, what was the difference between leaving and dying?

“I caused Yili’s death…” Besides pain, Hu Li’s eyes also contained doubt as he looked at the people before him in bewilderment. “Where’s Yili’s corpse? I want to take her with me.”

Corpse? Yili didn’t die, so what corpse?

The eldest princess snorted, “Yili was reduced into ashes by the dragon’s breath, so what corpse? If you truly feel guilty, then you should go to the Dragon Tribe and avenge Yili!”

Slandering the Dragon Tribe? What a joke!

In any case, she absolutely would not admit she said these things in the future! The experts of the Dragon Tribe also would not believe Hu Li!

As for the members of the Leopard Clan… All of them did not wish for Yili to be bound with a human, so they helped her lie. Since they all took part in this matter, how could they betray her?

Moreover, she was a princess of the Leopard Tribe. There was no way they had the guts to say it!

“Wait!” Seeing the change in Hu Li’s emotions, Huang Yingying hurriedly pulled him back and immediately looked down to check the disarrayed courtyard. She contemplated for a moment before saying, “This truly is the aftermath of a dragon’s breath…”

The eldest princess snorted. “Why would I lie?”

Huang Yingying looked up at the eldest princess. “As for whether Princess Yili truly died in the hands of the Dragon Tribe, it requires further investigation. How about you come with us when we seek out the Dragon Tribe for revenge?”

The eldest princess’ expression dramatically changed. “What are you implying?”

An excessive amount of fury and sorrow would cause some people to believe things without a doubt. Yili was like this, and Hu Li was also like this.

In contrast, as an observer, Huang Yingying was incredibly cool-headed!

“You said the Dragon Tribe killed Yili. We should at least find a witness, shouldn’t we? So we will have to trouble you to come with us.” Huang Yingying coldly smiled. The things she had experienced over the years had caused her to shed her previous naivety.

More than that, she understood that a naive woman could not follow Yun Luofeng for a long time.

“S-stop!” The eldest princess backed up a few steps from fright, but Huang Yingying grabbed a hold of her.

Seeing this, the guards of the Leopard Clan darted forward, wanting to save the eldest princess.

Huang Yingying icily swept her eyes over everyone, slowly unearthing her aura. “If anyone takes a step forward, I will kill her!”

As expected, the guards did not dare to move the slightest.

“Of course, after we verify that Yili was killed by the Dragon Tribe, we will release her.” Huang Yingying looked away. “Let’s go.”

She grasped the eldest princesses’ lapels and dragged her out of the door.

“Elder, what should we do now?” a guard asked, voice full of panic and face brimming with worry.

“What can we do?” The elder of the Leopard Clan looked very displeased. “Since we helped Eldest Princess lie, it means we are in the same boat now. Also, it appears that Eldest Princess is very familiar with those experts of the Dragon Tribe. The Dragon Tribe will believe her, so we don’t have to worry too much.”

“However, King is still unconscious, Little Princess ran away, and Eldest Princess was taken. What will our Leopard Clan do?”

Wind Chasing Alliance

Inside a pub, the people were drinking and chatting merrily.

“I didn’t expect the battle between humans and spirit beasts would be over so fast! We don’t have to constantly hide anymore, haha.”

“Yeah, it’s been so long since I drank alcohol with delight! During these years, the alliance was hiding left and right, what inclination did I have to drink? Today, I will certainly drink to my heart’s content!”

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