Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1606 - The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (2)

Chapter 1606: The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (2)

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She knew this would be the result from the start, didn’t she? Then why did she still hope that it would turn out differently? Did she expect that man to come looking for her?

Yili slowly stood up from the ground. Her eyes were downcast and her fists tightly clenched. Suddenly, she appeared to have come to a decision and looked up.

“Since the day I met Hu Li, I feebly wanted to be his wife. But as long as I can remain beside him, I won’t have any resentment or regrets regardless of my status.”

“Unless…” Yili’s gaze was fraught with determination. “Unless he no longer needs me…”

After saying this, Yili made her way out of the courtyard. When she reached the doorway, several experts of the Leopard Tribe blocked her path.

“Princess, King has yet to gain consciousness. You aren’t allowed to leave the Leopard Clan.”

“Move!” Yili’s expression became cold. “I need to go find Hu Li!”

“Princess, you can’t be impulsive. The Leopard Clan needs your leadership. Wait until King wakes up at least…”

“Scram!” Yili sternly shouted. At the same time, a powerful force slammed into these experts, causing them to take a few steps back.

Then, Yili stepped through the doorway under the guards’ pleading and desperate gaze.

That’s right! If a spirit beast wanted to remain by a human’s side forever, there was only one method…

They needed to establish a contract that reached deep into the spirit.

Even if the human’s life ended, as long as he had a chance to reincarnate, then she could wait for him. Lifetime after lifetime without any resentment or regret!

Inside a luxurious and refined room, the eldest princess laid on a chaise lounge and listened to her subordinate’s report, her eyes brightening.

“Yili, that fool, truly left the Leopard Tribe?”

Her heart began to stir.

Yili’s talent surpassed hers, and her appearance recovered its beauty, so the elders of the tribe preferred her…

Fortunately, the fool willingly left the Leopard Tribe for a man. Wasn’t this the same as giving her an opportunity?

“Yili has always been unambitious. If I was her and I had a man I liked, I would keep him by my side regardless of what it took. Only a fool like her would allow her beloved man to leave as he wished…” The eldest princess sneered, evidently disdainful of Yili’s behavior.

Moreover, it appeared Yili planned to follow Hu Li without any promises.

She was a princess of the Leopard Clan. There was an abundance of men in the world, so why must she love only one man?

“Roar!” The call of a dragon was suddenly heard from the sky, causing the eldest princess to fall off the chaise lounge from fright and frantically crawl out the door.

In the azure sky, an enormous dragon was circling above them. His gigantic body covered the sky and concealed the clouds and the sun from view, darkening the whole court.

“Sir Dragon.” The eldest princess looked up at the giant dragon with astonishment, and pleasant surprise flashed through her eyes. She did not expect a member of the Dragon Tribe to arrive so quickly.

“You are the one who sent information to our Dragon Tribe?” The dragon derisively looked at the eldest princess. His voice was low and rough, emanating a formidable power that directly slammed into people’s hearts.

“Yes!” The eldest princess did not deny it. “Unfortunately, that woman is no longer in Beast City. She joined the Wind Chasing Alliance and allied with the Wind Chasing Alliance, declaring a war with the beast tribes!”

“Wind Chasing Alliance?” The dragon scoffed. “A resistance formed by a group of lowly humans? If our Dragon Tribe wasn’t fairly busy recently, the Wind Chasing Alliance would have already been extinct. Since this woman went to the Wind Chasing Alliance, then there’s no need for this alliance to exist.”

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