Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1605 - The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (1)

Chapter 1605: The Expert of the Dragon Tribe (1)

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“Nangong, we are both looking for someone, why don’t we journey together this time?”

“Sounds good.” Nangong Yunyi chuckled. “Also, that crazy woman still wants to hunt me down. With you by my side, you can protect my safety.”

Unfortunately, he spoke too soon. It was not until he found the woman that he understood that Yun Luofeng would not help him at all…

Beast City

Inside a serene and hidden courtyard, there was a girl dressed in a long, pale yellow dress, fleeting like an immortal and unimaginably beautiful. Her firm skin was fair like the finest powder, its perfection eliciting envy in people.

The eldest princess had nearly grounded her teeth into powder from hatred, and her nails sunk into her skin from how tight she clenched her fists. Her envious gaze unwaveringly glared at the fair-skinned girl.

Inside Beast City, she was the most perfect being. Who would have expected her disfigured younger sister would recover her appearance one day? How could she not hate it?

Yili suddenly discovered the hidden eldest princess. Her eyes gently cast down, her long eyelashes leaving a shadow on her eyelid, evoking tenderness in people. Her expression was aloof and proud, similar to a blooming chrysanthemum, permeating the air with its delicate fragrance.

“Big Sister, did you need something?”

Having been discovered, the eldest princess stood up with a harrumph and disdainfully watched Yili. “Sister, I’m here to tell you something… You must have heard the recent news of the continent. Many beast tribes went to capture Hu Li and the others. Your prince consort was torn into pieces by the beast tribes long ago.”

Yili snorted. “If Hu Li truly died, you wouldn’t look so displeased. I am guessing those beast people did not succeed, am I right?”

“Haha!” The eldest princess madly chuckled, her smile brimming with rage and murderous intent.

She originally thought that Yun Luofeng and her group would die without a doubt this time, but those beasts unexpected failed!

“That’s right, the beast tribes failed indeed. However, I also received another piece of news…” The eldest princess sneered. “My sister, perhaps you don’t know the relationship between your prince consort and the human woman, Huang Yingying.”

“I can tell you right now though.” The eldest princess took a deep breath before coldly stating, “They are secretly entangled already, and Hu Li only became your prince consort to use you. Hence, you are the true person to be pitied.”

Yili’s heart tightened, and her hands beside her involuntarily clenched. “You think I will believe you?”

The eldest princess derisively chuckled. “If Hu Li had you in his heart, why didn’t he leave together with you and abandoned you here instead? That was because he already had a wife, and he was only with you to use you! Humans have always been malevolent, yet you trusted them without a doubt.”

Yili’s breathing sped up, and her face turned pale. She harshly bit her lips, not uttering a word.

Hu Li already had a wife? No! Impossible! He never mentioned he had a wife…

Seeing the effect of her words, mockery entered the eldest princess’s eyes. She slowly turned around and walked out of the courtyard.

It was not until the eldest princess was far away that Yili stumbled and nearly fell onto the ground.

She bitterly chuckled in her mind and said with self-ridicule, “Hu Li took advantage me from the start, but I also willingly allowed him to use me to keep him with me. Since it’s like that, how could I have any wishful expectations?”

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