Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1598 - Let’s Get Married (1)

Chapter 1598: Let's Get Married (1)

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This… They never expected their master to have masochistic tendencies!

The expert of the Phoenix Tribe’s mouth twitched. As expected, powerful people had peculiar hobbies.

Yun Xiao coldly glanced at the red-haired man, causing him to shudder. The man hurriedly curbed the smile on his face and turned solemn.

“Do you need something?” The man’s voice was as cold as always while his face remained devoid of emotions. His pitch-black eyes were dark beyond words, and one could not see their figure in his eyes. He considered everyone beneath him! However, he had the qualifications to do so.

“Master, it was Elder who sent me here to invite Master to head to the Phoenix Tribe.”

Yun Xiao’s voice was icy. “I’m not the master of the Phoenix Tribe.”

Then, he pulled Yun Luofeng into his embrace and imposingly declared, “The only master of the Phoenix Tribe is her!”

His everything belonged to Yun Luofeng! Even if he took over the world, it would be for her!

If it were not for Yun Luofeng, he would not have conquered the Phoenix Tribe! Hence, he naturally gave the Phoenix Tribe to her now.

“This…” The red-haired man was startled, bearing some hesitance.

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows. “Yun Xiao, if I wanted to establish a faction, I would rely on my own abilities. I don’t need to obtain it from you.”

Yun Xiao peered down at the girl before him, his thoughts enigmatic. A while later, his rough and magnetic voice rang, “Alright.”

His woman had always been so self-reliant and independent. He should be proud of her, shouldn’t he?

The red-haired man subconsciously relaxed. They acknowledged Yun Xiao not only because he helped them, but also because of his strength.

Currently, this woman’s strength remained unknown, so they did not want to submit to her. However, Yun Xiao’s following words drained the colors from his face.

“The Phoenix Tribe belongs to me, and I belong to you! I’m the master of the Phoenix Tribe, but also a guard that will protect you for your whole life!”

After their initial encounter, he had cast away his identity as the Ghost Emperor and willingly became her guard to accompany her. Although their relationship had changed already, one thing had not changed. He was still willing to listen to her on every matter and was wholeheartedly willing to be her guard her whole life!

The red-haired man’s complexion turned paler, and his lips started lightly trembling.

Master meant that he was willing to remain the master of the Phoenix Tribe, but more importantly, he was Mistress’ guard? Then wouldn’t the status of the Phoenix Tribe become lower?

“Sir Phoenix…” The gorilla returned to his senses finally, but his mind was still tangled as he impetuously asked, “Are you mistaken? This guy is a human, how could the Phoenix Tribe recognize a human as Master?”

“Idiot!” The red-haired man snorted and turned to the gorilla, rage in his expression. “Who gave you the guts to bully the master of my Phoenix Tribe?”

“Sir Phoenix, he is merely lowly human…”


The red-haired man raised his hand and fire shot out of his palm. The gorilla’s gigantic body flew back with his limbs in the air and incredibly battered.

“You ridiculed the master of my Phoenix Tribe as lowly, isn’t that the same as insulting my Phoenix Tribe as lowly? This is an unforgivable crime. Someone, turn the Gorilla Tribe into the most inferior race, strip them of all of their power, and cast them to the frontier!”


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