Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1595 - The Battle Between Human and Beast (2)

Chapter 1595: The Battle Between Human and Beast (2)

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The gorilla’s fist was about to make contact with Xiao Yan’s head. Only one hit would crack his head open and leave him without an intact corpse.


An enormous force emitted from the gorilla’s fist and sent dust flying in the air, causing people to choke nonstop.

Song Mu and the other’s eyes were filled with despair. Before Xiao Yan’s father passed away, they all promised him to take care of Xiao Yan. They did not expect to have Xiao Yan encounter danger in front of them.

“Tian Feng, Song Mu, look!” Xiao Xi’s pupils dilated as she intently watched the dust clear.

A fist several times smaller than the gorilla’s steel-like arm was blocking it. It was a battered but still sharply-dressed man. No matter how muscled he was, he was still distinctly smaller than the gorilla.

“Hahaha.” Delicate laughter was heard from a tree, closely followed by a flaming little girl jumping down.

Her appearance frightened the originally relaxed people of the Wind Chasing Alliance.

“This… is also a spirit beast?”

The little girl looked innocent and naive, and her delicate face was incredibly cute. If one ignored the powerful and imposing flames emanating from her body, perhaps one could mistake her for a normal child like Xiao Yan.

“Huohuo, why do you jump down from a tree for your every entrance?” A voice came from the earth, stupefying everyone.

A milk-colored gold-seeking hamster burrowed out of the earth with countless other gold-seeking hamsters following his lead.

Two of the hamsters were the most eye-catching. One of them was a pink-colored hamster while the other had a crown on her head.

“Aren’t you the same? We were clearly dispatched from the same location, but why do you choose the underground every time?” Huohuo curled her lips and disdainfully retorted.

“We are gold-seeking hamsters. Isn’t hole-digging normal? You are a fox, why do you keep climbing trees for no reason?”

“I like it, why do you care?!” Huohuo lifted her chin and overbearingly declared.

The gorilla could not stand by idly and watch, so he interjected, “You must be members of the Hamster Tribe and Fox Tribe? Why did you come so late?”

The people of the Wind Chasing Alliance felt their heart sinking.

These spirit beasts were hard to handle, to begin with, but there were so many newcomers. The flaming little girl’s strength was especially hard to ignore.

Although gold-seeking hamsters were considered to be low leveled spirit beasts, they couldn’t overlook the fact that these hamsters could speak human speech. Unfortunately, what threw them into further despair was the sight of the gold-seeking hamster who was making snide remarks at the little girl transforming into a handsome youth. The pink-colored hamster and hamster queen beside him also turned into a human.

A gold-seeking hamster who could utter human speech and transform into a human was simply legendary.

“Fox Tribe?” The little girl sneered. “How could an inferior tribe like that be where I stay? Moreover, I wouldn’t mingle with bad company like you brutes.”

She might have lost a tail, but her talent was still formidable, so how could she be a member of the fox tribe that survived by charming people?

Because the gorilla’s face was dark, the transformation on his face could not be seen, but anyone could feel the heaven-bursting fury that erupted from him.

“Roar!” He pounded his fists against his chest, and his gaze was extremely ferocious. “Since you aren’t part of us, then go die!”

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