Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1594 - The Battle Between Human and Beast (1)

Chapter 1594: The Battle Between Human and Beast (1)

Translator: Zen_  Editor: Rock

The man instantly stopped speaking, but his expression retained his dissent. His dark eyes harshly glared at Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao again.

Yun Xiao’s eyes coldly swept across him. His gaze carried a heavy pressure, similar to a giant rock pressing down on him and making him unable to breathe. His face turned ashen.

Yun Xiao quickly retracted his gaze, and his face remained its usual indifference.

“Miss Yun, these spirit beasts are all very strong. Stay hidden. Leave them for us to handle.” Tian Feng faintly smiled. When he turned to face the sky, his eyes abruptly sharpened like a sword and he snorted. “So what if you found us? Our Wind Chasing Alliance absolutely cannot coexist with you beasts!”

“Kill!” Song Mu waved his hand and everyone in the alliance drew their weapon without a single person cowering.

“Roar!” In the air, a spirit beast released an angry roar and swiftly dived down. He was similar to a fireball, so fast that people were unable to capture his speed.

Song Mu hurriedly held his broadsword across his chest and with a bang, the spirit beast’s head hit the body of the sword, creating a giant hole in it and causing Song Mu to stagger a few steps back.

“Not good! The spirit beasts that came this time are all too strong. Logically, why would the beast race send out such formidable experts?”

Normally, experts were unwilling to personally act and would all order their subordinates to complete the task. However… the beasts who came this time were all formidable presence inside the beast race. Why would these beasts appear due to a Wind Chasing Alliance?

Could there be some unknown reason behind this?

“Be careful!” When Tian Feng turned around, he saw the gigantic flaming lion floating behind Xiao Xi. His figure was like lightning and darted behind Xiao Xi, raising his sword to block the flaming lion’s ferociously sharp claws.


The claws snapped Tian Feng’s sword and pierced his chest. Blood rushed out his chest, dying his long cyan-colored robe red.

Tian Feng coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. He was stumbling and nearly unable to remain standing.

Despair rushed into everyone’s heart. Tian Feng was undoubtedly the strongest of this group of people. But if even he was unable to face these powerful beasts, then weren’t they merely waiting for death here?

“It’s over! We will certainly be over this time! If Vice President was here, perhaps we would still have the ability to fight back.”

Everyone’s face was pale beyond comparison. It was their first time feeling such immense despair!

Even so, no one surrendered to the spirit beasts. They might die, but they did not want to be without their pride!

“Sister, I’m sorry…” Xiao Yan’s eyes contained tears as he apologetically said, “If I didn’t bring you back here, then you wouldn’t encounter something like this…”


A giant noise came from behind Xian Yan the second he finished speaking.

When Song Mu and the others looked up, they saw a giant gorilla jumping to the back of Xiao Yan. It swung its King-Kong-like fists toward the young figure…

“Watch out!” Song Mu shouted with panic.

Tian Feng and Xiao Xi were the first to react, and they swiftly dashed toward Xiao Yan…

But they were too late.


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