Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1593 - Wind Chasing Alliance (3)

Chapter 1593: Wind Chasing Alliance (3)

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No one knew the personality of the eldest princess better than him. If she shoved all of the responsibility to Yili then Yili might lose her life.

He did not want to see that!

“If you are worried, then I will have Yingying accompany you to bring Princess Yili back here.” Yun Luofeng looked up. “The beast race’s objective is to find Yun Xiao and I, so she shouldn’t be in any danger at the moment.”

If they waited any longer though, then she might be…

Yun Luofeng had Huang Yingying follow her because Huang Yingying had already successfully received her inheritance and her strength skyrocketed, so the beast race would be unable to stop her under normal conditions.

“Alright,” Hu Li directly agreed. He did not have feelings for Yili, but she saved his life, so he could not leave her behind without a care no matter what.

“Miss Yun, why did your subordinates leave?” Song Mu curiously looked at the departing Hu Li and Huang Yingying with an astonished gaze.

Yun Luofeng conducted the conversation just now inside Hu Li and Huang Yingying’s mind, so they did not hear her voice. Plus, her vigilance had always been very high, so she would not allow the people in front of them to know her objective even if they were human.


Yun Luofeng did not plan to explain any further.

Although Song Mu and the others were full of confusion, they did not inquire further. Everyone had something they were unwilling to say, right?

The next day, an explosion rang in the house, causing everyone to jump up from their bed with fright.

“What happened?” Song Mu was the first to rush out of his bedroom. The moment he stepped out, he was greeted with a sky covered with aerial beasts, causing cold sweat to pour down his body.

“What is going on? How did the spirit beasts find this place so fast?”

At the same time, other people also quickly left their rooms. When they saw the audacious spirit beasts, their face also turned unsightly.

“Sir Song Mu, was it the people who arrived yesterday? They brought the spirit beasts!” someone in the crowd spoke, eliciting discussions from everyone present.

“That’s right, it must be those people. Moreover, that woman’s subordinates left suddenly yesterday. It must have been to report our whereabouts to these spirit beasts. Otherwise, why were the spirit beasts able to find us as soon as they arrived?”

The people could not help but be suspicious. They had been hiding here for nearly two years and had never been discovered by spirit beasts, so how did the beasts find them as soon as these people arrived?

At this time, Yun Luofeng pushed open her room’s door, and her gorgeous figure appeared under the rays of dawn. Yun Xiao taciturnly stood by her side, his icy eyes seeing no one but the girl beside him.

“Sir Song Mu! I suggest that we should kill this human before the spirit beasts kill us all! Xiao Yan that punk as well! If it weren’t for him bringing these humans back, this wouldn’t happen. We should kill him first too!”

In the crowd, the man who initially vilified Yun Luofeng sharply spoke again, glancing at her with a chilly gaze.

Xiao Yan’s face drained of colors, and he was unable to say anything due to terror. His aggrieved eyes pitifully watched Song Mu.

“Enough!” Song Mu frowned. “We don’t have any evidence to prove that it was Miss Yun who brought the spirit beasts here! It’s unwise to say things like that before we have evidence!”

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