Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1591 - Wind Chasing Alliance (1)

Chapter 1591: Wind Chasing Alliance (1)

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Yun Luofeng? Hong Luan shuddered but instantly regained her calm…

Impossible! This Yun Luofeng absolutely could not be the Yun Luofeng that she knew! It was nothing but a coincidence!

Although the hope in Hong Luan wanted to burst out, she harshly suppressed it to the bottom of her heart. She was afraid that she would get excited for nothing in the end…

Beast Province

Inside the overgrown mountainous forest, people were a rare sight and even spirit beasts were not seen. Hence, Yun Luofeng was not yet aware of the commotion she had caused in Beast Province…

"Human?" A sneaky little head peeked out from a tree and looked at Yun Luofeng and her group in astonishment. "Are you a newly arrived human in Beast Province?"

Huang Yingying and Hu Li stood on guard beside Yun Luofeng, cautiously watching the little boy. The little boy might look young, but how could someone who appeared here be someone average?

"Who are you?" Huang Yingying coldly asked with a wrinkle of her eyebrows.

"I am human, just like you. However, regarding the humans inside Beast Province, those who are ugly are turned into slaves by the beast race why those who are good-looking are overtaken! My dad was the same as you and accidentally stumbled into Beast Province. Fortunately, he had joined the Alliance, or perhaps he would have already been snatched by the beast race."

Before coming to Beast Province, Yun Luofeng had learned about the treatment of humans in Beast Province. Although Hong Luan once said that some humans could not resist the temptation of handsome men and beautiful women, there were still some people who were unwilling to be enslaved by the beast race. Hence, the alliance mentioned by the boy must have been created because of this.

"Have you seen a woman in red called Hong Luan?" Yun Luofeng asked after a moment of contemplation.

The boy tilted his head innocently. "She is not part of our alliance." If she was a member of the alliance, he would have heard of her.

"How long has your alliance been established?" Yun Luofeng continued asking.

The boy thought about it before answering, "About two years. Two years ago, the humans of Beast Province were still in an abyss of suffering, but a man suddenly appeared and established the Wind Chasing Alliance, gathering the humans of Beast Province."

"Wind Chasing Alliance? Who's the president of the alliance?" Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin and narrowed her eyes.

"The alliance doesn't have a president. The founder of the alliance only granted himself the position of vice president. He said that the president had not appeared yet and the Wind Chasing Alliance was established on behalf of his old friend," the boy patiently explained.

"Then the name of the vice president is…?"

"I am not certain, I only know Vice President's surname is Nangong."


Yun Luofeng was startled but she did not think about this surname too much. After exchanging a glance with Yun Xiao, she turned to face the innocent and adorable boy again. "Can you bring us to the alliance?"

"Alright." The boy innocently smiled, showing his eye teeth. "Vice President isn't in the alliance currently, but the other people inside the alliance are all friendly. Follow me."

Seeing the lack of threat from the boy, Hu Li familiarly walked toward the boy and asked with raised brows, "Little guy, are you half-beast?"

"Yes, my dad was previously violated by a spirit beast. When he escaped, he brought me along." The little boy turned to look at Hu Li with a brilliant smile. "I like humans a lot, so I followed Dad to the alliance…"


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