Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1590 - Hong Luan (4)

Chapter 1590: Hong Luan (4)

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“What did you say? Those humans have left?” She tightly clenched her fist. “I didn’t expect they would leave just like that. However, there’s no concern as the Beast Province is the spirit beast’s territory. The won’t be able to escape…”

Concurrently in a cavern of the Dragon Clan, a faint smile surfaced on the blue-robed man’s face as his gentle gaze spilled out and landed on the woman laying on the ice bed.

This woman’s appearance was gorgeous, capable of ruining and overturning states, and her aggressiveness could be seen. At this moment, the red-robed lady had been firmly confined in the ice bed, unable to move a single step…

She could only use her eyes filled with fury to glare intently at the blue-robed man and the fury apparent in her eyes seemed to be able to burn him to ashes. The blue-robed man reached out, wanting to touch her face but her temper was so fierce that she bit his outstretched fingers. The man sucked in a cold breath from pain, yet did not rebuke her. In contrary, he had a gentle expression while looking at her.

“Hong Luan… why are you doing this? Isn’t being my wife a good thing?”

“Get lost!” the red-robed lady furiously shouted. “I feel revulsion whenever I see your face!”

“Hong Luan, have you heard? I’ve located the flame spirit fruit and with that, I can save you.”

Hearing his words, the red-robed lady sneered with a ridiculing smile. “Who was the one who landed me in such a state?”

“Hong Luan, I had fallen for you previously and wanted you to bear my child. I didn’t expect such an incident to happen.” The blue-robed man frowned, carrying guilt on his handsome face.

“Unfortunately, I don’t fancy you!”

She had to increase her strength and avenge Yun Luofeng. She would never stay here to become a dragon’s wife! Evidently, Hong Luan was still unaware of the news of Yun Luofeng being alive…

“Hong Luan, you will be my wife and I’ll have you bear a complete child, not a half-beast!”

Once a human and spirit beast consummated their relationship, the child they produced would be a half-beast and regardless of its talent or life expectancy, there would be a huge difference. He would never allow his own child to be a half-beast!

There was only one method available in order for Hong Luan to bear a complete child, and that method was extremely dangerous. Otherwise, Hong Luan wouldn’t have to rely on this ice bed to survive…

However, what he couldn’t understand was why Hong Luan was unwilling to accept such an outstanding dragon like himself.

Hong Luan tightly clenched her fist but felt powerless. “If… my friend is still alive, she’ll definitely come looking for me and if she’s here, she’ll take me away even if she has to overturn your entire Dragon Clan!”

If… Yun Luofeng is still alive, she will definitely rescue me!

Hong Luan lowered her eyes, concealing the grief and sadness in her eyes. As long as she recalled her old friend’s death, she would still feel a heart-wrenching pain…

“Hong Luan,” The blue-robed man couldn’t help but chuckle. “Are you joking with me? Are you unaware of what kind of existence my Dragon Clan is? If your friend truly dares to barge in, there will be no future for her!”

Hong Luan coldly smiled and straightforwardly shut her eyes, not caring about this man before her…

Yun Luofeng… If you are still alive, I believe you’ll definitely come to rescue me…

The blue-robed man glanced at Hong Luan, revealing a helpless expression. He turned towards the bodyguard and said, “Retrieve the flame spirit fruit in Beast City. I don’t completely trust that princess. By the way, the woman who has the fruit seems to be called… Yun Luofeng.”

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