Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1589 - Hong Luan (3)

Chapter 1589: Hong Luan (3)

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The dragon’s tone was cold as it looked down on the eldest princess.

“Dragon Lord,” the eldest princess felt joy and hastily said, “Recently I’ve encountered a few humans, and a female named Yun Luofeng among them has the flame spirit fruit you’re looking for!”

The fate between the eldest princess and this dragon was something that happened many years ago. In those days, the young eldest princess was learning through experience outside and incidentally encountered a heavily injured dragon. She had saved this dragon in order to obtain a friendly relationship with the Dragon Clan.

Before the dragon left, it had given the eldest princess this scroll and if she were to encounter danger, she could use this scroll to summon him…

“Flame spirit fruit? You’re certain about that?” The dragon’s eyes suddenly brightened.

Hearing its response, the eldest princess’s eyes twinkled. “Unfortunately, this flame spirit fruit has been consumed by that woman.”

“Hmph! So what if she has consumed it? The flame spirit fruit isn’t that easily digested. After I’ve located and killed her, I’ll be able to extract the fruit by dissecting her organs.” The dragon’s voice contained disdain. “However, in recent days, our king has passed down commands that the whole Dragon Clan has to search for our ancestor. I have no time to extract the flame spirit fruit so you shall deliver that woman here to the Dragon Clan.”

The moment he finished speaking, his figure disappeared… The eldest princess was completely flabbergasted.

Using up her sole life-saving opportunity had only given her such a result? If she could deal with Yun Luofeng herself, would she have to seek for him?

The fact that the dragon would be unable to find the flame spirit fruit in Yun Luofeng’s body was no longer in her scope of consideration as she had gone mad from jealousy. What right did that type of woman have to such an outstanding man? Even if she couldn’t obtain him, she would never allow Yun Luofeng to have him!

However… at present, how should she deceive Yun Luofeng to go to the Dragon Clan?

“It seems like this method isn’t useful.” The eldest princess’s eyes darkened. “Right now, the only method to deal with them is to seek for other beast race’s help!” Thinking of this, she pushed the door and walked out.

“Men, inform the Fox Clan, Falcon Clan, Wolf Clan, and various other large clans that there are humans who came forth to provoke us. In addition, they injured my father and we require everyone’s help!”

“I understand, eldest princess!” The bodyguard cupped his hands and retreated.

Under the azure skies, Yili impatiently looked at Hu Li standing before her. “Are you honestly leaving?”

Hu Li nodded. “Princess Yili, please take care of yourself.”

At this moment, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao walked out. Shooting a glance at the young lady who was reluctant to part with Hu Li, she smirked in a teasing manner. However, she did not say anything concerning that, merely turning towards Hu Li and slowly saying, “Hu Li, we should set off.”


Hu Li did not notice princess Yili’s peculiarity and smiled seductively. Originally wanting to walk beside Yun Luofeng, he tactfully retreated after meeting with Yun Xiao’s cold expression…

They walked out of the arched door very soon. Princess Yili looked on helplessly at Hu Li leaving and was tempted to speak up, hoping they could bring her along but alas, she was unable to say anything…

“Oh right.” Yun Luofeng suddenly stopped and threw a porcelain bottle towards princess Yili with a wave of her hand.

“The herbal plaster in that bottle can treat your scar. Remember to apply it every morning and night.”

Princess Yili stared blankly and tightly held onto the porcelain bottle in her hands. Biting on her lips, she said, “Thank you…”

After Yun Luofeng and company walked out the palace gates, this news was also transmitted to the eldest princess and she suddenly stood up.


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