Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1588 - Hong Luan (2)

Chapter 1588: Hong Luan (2)

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"Yili, get the hell out here right now!"

The next day, a furious shout echoed through the entire palace. Just as Yili was getting dressed with the palace maid's help, she saw a woman covered with a veil across her face rushing in. Yi Li who jumped from shock had relaxed after hearing the woman's voice.

"Elder sister, why have you come looking for me?"

"Yili, you sure are bold to bring outsiders to deal with the Leopard Clan! In addition, they injured father. My face must have also been their mischief!

The eldest princess trembled with rage and her slender fingers furiously pointed at Yili. Her appearance of gnashing her teeth in anger was just like she was about to dismember Yili.

Yili gently smiled. "Elder sister, Father was injured by some falling objects and no one had attacked him. As for you… maybe you have been infected with some disease, so don't even think about framing someone!

"You…" The eldest princess's complexion became increasingly unsightly.

Although everyone knew that their father getting injured was related to Yun Xiao, who had seen him attacking? Could Yun Xiao overpower their father just relying on his aura? Was this even possible?

"Yili, just you wait. I'll make you regret this!" The eldest princess fiercely flung her sleeves and walked out.

Yili sneered as she gazed at her back. She wasn't stupid and knew that her face getting injured at that time was caused by her elder sister. As everyone knew, spirit beasts nature were simple and wouldn't fight and scheme against each other. However, those were spirit beast that resided in the mountains and woods for long and hadn't had dealings with humans, thus they hadn't learned how to be scheming.

Now that the Beast Province had progressed, how could the residents here be as simple and naive as other spirit beasts? Any simple living beings would no longer be white paper after being dyed.

Within the rear court, the moment the eldest princess stepped in, a group of handsome men had surrounded her. They were acting like concubines of an emperor and encircled around the princess, waiting for her love and pampering.

"Get lost!" The eldest princess snorted and kicked their chests as she furiously shouted.

One man's appearance was rather handsome, with an ascetic bearing. On normal occasions, it was also his appearance that caused him to be pampered by the princess. However… after meeting a man of Yun Xiao's standards, the eldest princess actually felt that the male concubines in her rear court were ugly and would make her want to puke if she took another glance!

"Since this man has rejected me, then I must obtain him!" The eldest princess licked her lips while revealing greed. In Beast City, no matter it was spirit beast or humans, no one could escape from her charms.

Her status was respectable and with a peerless appearance, no male could even resist her enticement! There were only two men… who dared to reject her!

The first was Hu Li, and the second… was that callous black-robed man.

The more she was rejected, the more she wanted to obtain them and she would not hesitate using any methods to have them!

The eldest princess walked into her room and closed the door. After commanding her bodyguards to leave, she walked to her bed and carefully took out a scroll from under her pillow.

She took the scroll, and slowly set it on fire using the flame of a candle. Among the rising smoke, a blue dragon figure could be seen…

Its expression contained dominance and arrogance, looking down at the eldest princess as if looking at a cockroach. Within its blue eyes, no one would be worthy.

"Why are you looking for me?"


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