Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1587 - Hong Luan (1)

Chapter 1587: Hong Luan (1)

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Little Bug held his head high, completely not thinking that his actions were disgraceful. From his point of view, letting others know he was being chased would cause his status to be lowered!

“How did you offend that deity-leveled expert?” A smile could be seen in Yun Luofeng’s eyes.

Little Bug stiffened and had an awkward expression. His mouth twitched a few times and his expression was just as if this topic was extremely embarrassing.

“Feng’er, do you prefer it grilled or steamed?” Yun Xiao’s voice was merciless and anyone could detect that he was very unhappy that Little Bug hadn’t answered Yun Luofeng’s questioning.

Little Bug’s expression instantly paled. He originally wanted to bluff his way through, but after sensing Yun Xiao’s callous glance, he shuddered. If it was others, perhaps his lies would be effective… However, he had already reached an agreement with this man, and Yun Xiao would see through it if he spoke even a single lie.

“Many years ago, I got to know a deity-level expert but we were only considered casual acquaintances. However…” Little Bug’s expression turned even more unsightly, “There was once when I was having my afternoon nap and that b*stard did not notice my presence. After I had been shocked awake, I found that I was buried in his excrement…”

“In a fit of anger, I enlarged my body and pierced into his… an… us.”

Yun Luofeng’s fingers froze and her expression also turned to embarrassment. She took a deep breath, to resist the impulse of throwing Little Bug outside.

“Mistress, don’t you think that b*stard was too much!?” Little Bug complained angrily, “He first used a lump of excrement to bury me and I only burst into his anus out of anger. Was there a need to chase me all the way to my clan?”

Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Little Bug. “You should rejoice that he only chased you.”

Little Bug blinked his eyes, looking at Yun Luofeng blankly. What did Mistress mean? He actually had to rejoice being chased down?

Yun Luofeng paused and continued speaking. “Luckily he didn’t fall in love with you due to this…”

Little Bug revealed a stupid look, seemingly not understanding what she meant. Suddenly, a large hand stretched out from the side, grabbed Little Bug, and forcefully threw him out the window.

Yun Xiao pulled Yun Luofeng’s shoulders with force, making her face himself. His cold eyes were currently overflowing with a grievance.

“He occupied too much of your time.” To the extent that… he wanted to slaughter that bug!

This was the first time Yun Xiao regretted! Regretted bringing along Little Bug! Although Yun Luofeng hadn’t said it out loud, she was in fact, quite fond of this bug and this made Yun Xiao jealous!

Looking at the man before her, Yun Luofeng chuckled and pressed Yun Xiao on the bed.

“Yun Xiao, you’re jealous of a spirit beast?” Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and a dangerous glint streaked across.

Sensing two soft lumps on his chest, lust clouded his mind. He then pulled her arm and flipped her over, pressing her down on the bed and kissed her lips, causing her to grab onto the bed sheets. The man’s lips were very thin and cold yet overbearing. Flames of lust could be faintly seen in his eyes and seemingly able to literally cause one to burn from desire. With their clothing taken off, there were only two figures continuously in a tangle on the huge bed and the room was filled with an exquisite scene.

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