Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1586 - Craven and Cowardly Little Bug

Chapter 1586: Craven and Cowardly Little Bug

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Consequently, although the white-haired man maintained his youthful looks and even his physique had not declined, that was due to him over-drafting his lifespan in order to make the Dragon Clan willing to serve him. In fact, he was already unable to step out of the clan, and so could only rely on various elders to search for their ancestor.

“I’ve considered this question before and so I have especially drawn the ancestor’s portrait. You’ll be able to locate him according to this portrait.

The white-haired man mysteriously smiled and fished a portrait out from his chest, placing it on the table. The portrait was slowly opened and in that instant, the portrait of the Dragon Clan’s ancestor was seen by all the elders.

Erhh… How should they say this? Their ancestor’s appearance was somewhat unexpected.

A tiny green bug was drawn on the painting, with a transparent body and a pair of huge eyes that looked cute. If they didn’t know of his identity beforehand, perhaps everyone would regard it as a harmless little bug.

“Your Majesty…” The elders looked up collectively and their shocked gaze landed on the white-haired man.

“Are you sure that this is our Dragon Clan’s ancestor? Why does he look so different…”

Not only did it not look like their ancestor, clearly it didn’t even look like a dragon! A small thing like that actually had the strength to control the Dragon Clan?”

“At that time when the ancestor was still present, I was young but I saw him from a distance. He’s indeed our ancestor and is extremely formidable!” The white-haired man’s eyes were filled with adoration and reverence. His expression was just like worshiping his own god.

In the Dragon Clan’s heart, the ancestor was just like a god in their hearts, and a selfless one!

“Your Majesty.” Witnessing the white-haired man’s expression, the elders took the portrait and respectfully said, “Please rest assured that we will definitely locate the ancestor and bring him back.”

The white-haired man faintly smiled and spoke in a gentle tone, “I feel confident handing this matter over to all of you. After the ancestor returns, I’ll be able to rest in peace…”

In a guest room within Beast City, Yun Luofeng leaned on Yun Xiao’s shoulders while playing with Little Bug in her hands.

Little Bug dared to be angry but didn’t say it out loud. He could only restrain his grievance and allow Yun Luofeng to handle him. If he hadn’t reached an agreement with Yun Xiao in order to leave that place, he wouldn’t be suffering so miserably…

“Yun Xiao, what are Little Bug’s origins? Why was he at the God Burial Mountain?” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and asked while beaming with a big smile.

Yun Xiao expressionlessly turned towards Little Bug. Although he hadn’t spoken, he revealed his intentions with his expressions.

The Little Bug felt wronged yet he didn’t dare to resist and could only honestly reply, “In the past, I accidentally provoked a deity level expert…”

Deity level expert? Yun Luofeng was startled. A deity-level existence existed on this continent?

“That deity-level expert’s strength was too terrifying so I escaped. Of course, how could a powerful dragon like me tell others I was escaping? Therefore, I informed my clansmen that I provoked an expert and to prevent bringing calamity to the clan, I’ would bear the responsibility of leading that expert away…”

When he spoke, Little Bug had a complacent expression, similar to being proud of his own intellect.

“That expert couldn’t find my location so he wrecked my territory. Frankly speaking, I knew about that expert’s personality and he would at the most damage some buildings and not harm my clansmen. This was the reason why I had escaped with ease…”


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