Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1583 - Prince Consort (2)

Chapter 1583: Prince Consort (2)

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“No one can harm you.” Yun Xiao spoke in all seriousness. “If the Leopard Clan intends to harm you, then there’s no need for them to exist.

Yun Luofeng smiled but did not pay much attention to Yun Xiao’s words. She walked through the dazzling entrance and was constantly on guard. Luckily, nothing unexpected happened along the way.

They entered the rear garden unimpeded and just then, the man seated in the pavilion suddenly registered in her eyes.

“Yun Luofeng.” At the same time, Hu Li also noticed her and joy surfaced in his eyes. His figure rapidly flashed across the distance and appeared before them. “As expected, you’re here.”

She shot a glance behind Hu Li but did not notice the petite figure and couldn’t help but frown. “Where’s Wu?”

The little child she addressed as Wu was the boy she picked up on the road previously and tasked Hu Li to take care of. Hu Li’s body stiffened and lowered his head in guilt. “I’m sorry but I lost him.”

“Lost?” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and asked.

Hu Li bitterly smiled. “After finding out that Hong Luan went to the Beast Province, I brought Wu along with me. I didn’t think that we would encounter danger when going through the desert and I lost him as a result…”

“No worries, if that fella really has treacherous intentions, he will appear again.”

Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders and said with a fake smile, “Hu Li, can you explain to me how you became the Leopard Clan’s prince consort?”

“This…” Hu Li coughed dryly, with an awkward expression on his face. “When I first entered Beast City, I suffered from the eldest princess’s pestering. To save me, Princess Yili acted as though she had taken a fancy to me.”

Otherwise, he figured that he would have become a member of the eldest princess’s harem. Thinking of this, Hu Li couldn’t help but shudder, as he expressed loathing with all his might.

“Princess Yili promised to help me seek for Wu and take note of your appearance. Therefore, I stayed here.”

“How did you know I would definitely come to Beast City?” Yun Luofeng stroked her chin and continued asking.

Hu Li cast a seductive glance at her. “With your personality, how would you not appear when Hong Luan is missing in this Beast City?”


Unexpectedly after Hu Li finished speaking, a powerful force exploded with a bang, causing him to instantly fly out and crash on the ground in a sorry mess.

Yun Xiao tore his own sleeve and wiped her eyes with while frowning.

“Yun Xiao, what are you doing?” Yun Luofeng took a few steps back and asked.

“He cast a seductive glance at you earlier on.”

“And then?”

“I was afraid it might stain your eyes.”

The instant she looked up and saw Yun Xiao’s serious expression, her mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

At that very moment, a wave of footsteps sounded and in the lead was a middle-aged man excluding an imposing aura, with unruliness and resolution. His appearance was handsome and with the bodyguards accompanying him, he appeared even more king-like.

“Father.” Yili’s expression faintly changed as she respectfully lowered her head and called out.

“Yili, you’ve snatched your sister’s man again?” The middle-aged man’s tone was cold as he spoke with indifference.

“Father, these are my husband’s friends. Therefore…”

“Hmph!” The middle-aged man snorted and shot a disgusted glance at Hu Li. “For a man, you’ve opposed your sister again and again. Is he worth it?”

Hu Li who had been mentioned by the leopard king leisurely found a stone bench and sat down. A rice straw hung from this mouth, making him look like a hooligan. There was a disapproving smile in his seductive phoenix eyes.

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