Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1581 - Barbarous Beast Race, Ruling with Usurpation (3)

Chapter 1581: Barbarous Beast Race, Ruling with Usurpation (3)

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As for Yun Luofeng and Huang Yingying… She snorted disdainfully at the gorgeous women. She only wanted men and women were unable to escape death! Furthermore, she would never allow any women to delusionally think of contaminating her men!

"I understand, Your Imperial Highness!" In an instant, numerous bodyguards of the Leopard Clan had surrounded Yun Luofeng and company while their javelins were aimed towards them…

Yun Xiao tugged Yun Luofeng into his embrace, while his callous gaze swept past the guards surrounding them. A chilly glint streaked across while his killing aura spread out, enveloping the entire street.


Bang bang bang!

No one witnessed how Yun Xiao attacked but the first row guards suddenly exploded. Soon after, a blood fog diffused before everyone's eyes, and they could smell a bloody stench.

The princess's face suddenly sank and she snorted. "Foolish humans! On our Leopard Clan's territory, you only need to obey us, yet you dared to kill our bodyguards? If it weren't for your looks, I would personally dismember you into pieces…"

"Elder sis!" Just then, a clear voice sounded. "You're here snatching human men again."

Just as Yun Xiao raised his hands, powerful spirit energy gradually converged within his palms. However, before he managed to attack her, a lily-white hand suddenly reached out and tightly held his hand.

'Yun Xiao, don't attack first. Let's wait and see." The influence of the Beast Province was very strong as even other provinces couldn't defeat them by joining forces.

Yun Luofeng didn't know the strength of Yun Xiao's faction, so she held Yun Xiao back temporarily to wait and see. If worst came to worst, it wouldn't be too late to take action. She wasn't someone who was willing to lose out, but at the same time, she wasn't overly rash. Unless she was completely confident…

"Why are you here?" The princess turned to look at the young lady, revealing a trace of loathing.

This young lady had a similar appearance to the princess, but on her originally gorgeous face, there was a vertical scar that disfigured her looks. Within the Beast Province that was renowned for having beauties, she was an exception.

The young lady lightly frowned and asked, "Elder sister, relationships should be mutual. Why are you always stealing someone else's man?"

"Hmph!" The princess snorted. "Those that I fancy, I will never let them go! Yili, I'd advise you not to meddle in my affairs or else I won't be as nice as before!"

Yin Li smiled disapprovingly. "What if I insist on meddling?"

"Then don't blame me for being impolite!"

Within the Leopard Clan, even though the eldest princess was the most beautiful and more doted on by the leopard king, the one with better talent was this little princess. Although the little princess was young, her strength was on par with the eldest princess. In time, her strength would surpass the eldest princess. Unfortunately, the little princess's appearance had been disfigured. Otherwise, she would definitely be the most popular woman in Beast City!

"You…" The eldest princess clenched her teeth in anger. "Yili, I yielded in regards to that man you fancied previously, but if you intend to vie with me again, don't blame me from complaining to Father!"

Yili smiled and ignored the eldest princess. She walked towards Yun Luofeng slowly, revealing a polite and friendly smile.

"Miss Yun, since you've come to Beast City, you're our guest and I won't allow others to be rude to you."


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