Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1580 - Barbarous Beast Race, Ruling with Usurpation (2)

Chapter 1580: Barbarous Beast Race, Ruling with Usurpation (2)

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“Yun Xiao,” Yun Luofeng lazily stretched and leaned on Yun Xiao’s shoulders with a smile. “I’m tired.”

“Then take a rest, We’ll be arriving in the Beast Province in a moment’s time.”

Yun Xiao gazed at the young lady on his shoulders with lowered eyes and lifted her up. With a whoosh, his silhouette broke through the city gates rapidly and leaped into the skies. Their long hair flew in the wind, and with her white dress and his black robes fluttering in the skies, it was as beautiful as a painting.

Huang Yingying blinked her eyes in amazement. Just as she wanted to chase them, she saw Yun Luofeng glancing at the puppet. After that… Yun Yi picked up Huang Yingying in both arms and chased towards Yun Luofeng at lightning speed.

As a puppet, he was naturally unable to traverse across the skies, but at the same time, he wouldn’t get tired. He ran at high-speed on the ground, to the extent that Huang Yingying who was carried by him was seeing stars and almost about to faint.

As one of the main cities of the Beast Province, the Beast City was naturally bustling with noise and excitement. On every street, there were beasts hurtling past, and this scenery couldn’t be seen in other huge Provinces. At present, those of the beast race who were walking in the town suddenly saw a man and woman walking through the city gates and couldn’t help but stop their tracks.

Both of them were unusually outstanding! The man was handsome and callous, while the woman was devastatingly gorgeous. Even the Fox Clan who were known for their good looks couldn’t be compared to them.

“Quicky, hurry and report to the eldest princess that humans have come!”

Beast City was different from other huge provinces. The main city would usually be in the middle of the province, but Beast City was actually the first city one had to go through after stepping into the Beast Province.

There was no Governor Estate within this Beast Province, but instead, various kinds of clans were established here. For example, in this Beast City, the monarch would be the rumored barbarous Leopard Clan.

The eldest princess they mentioned was the first daughter of the leopard king. It was said that the Leopard Clan’s eldest princess was unreasonable and loved handsome men. Any man who she took a fancy to wouldn’t be able to escape from her palms. Other than… the man she took a fancy to a few days back, who had been snatched by her sister!

As cannibalism within the clan was restricted, she could only swallow her anger.

Clop clop clop!

A wave of footstep sounds came from the front. Yun Xiao, who was currently conversing with Yun Luofeng, glanced at the troops heading towards them with a cool eye.

Standing in the lead was an unruly gorgeous bare-chested woman with a javelin in her hands. Domineeringly sweeping a glance at the black-robed handsome man, greed streaked across her eyes. She had seen plenty of humans but he was the first one who was so outstanding. Even the foxy man her sister snatched away couldn’t compare with this man.

“Hey!” Thinking of that, the beautiful woman stroked her chin and spoke exuberantly, “In the future, you belong to me! Other than me, there cannot be other women alongside you! Therefore… Men!” She shouted and coldly said “Kill all the women and as for the men… bring them all back! I don’t like people who have contaminated my men to exist in this world!”

Although Yun Yi’s looks were ordinary, with scars all over his body, he seemed tall and sturdy. She reckoned that his skills in bed should be pretty good.

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