Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1579 - Barbarous Beast Race, Ruling with Usurpation (1)

Chapter 1579: Barbarous Beast Race, Ruling with Usurpation (1)

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Outside the city gates, a squall was wreaking havoc. An austere killing aura filled the entire skies, causing others to tremble with fear.

Ling Shuang suddenly stiffened and looked at the black-robed man stationed at the city gates with fear. Not knowing why, he felt like this man had emerged from the underworld, as his body radiated killing aura.


Before the gray-robed elder in the sky could react, he saw Yun Xiao’s sight locking on to him and at the same time, an invisible sword penetrated through his body. With a bang, he came crashing down.

All the streets were silent… The crowds that were previously looking at Yun Xiao had become fearful after their initial shock. At that moment, everyone swiftly escaped similar to a flock of birds dispersing, afraid that they would be implicated if they stayed.

In an instant, there were only Yun Luofeng and her group left on the streets other than people from the North Governor Estate. Cold sweat flowed from Ling Chen’s forehead, revealing a pale expression as his lips faintly trembled.

“You.. what are you intending to do? If you really kill the North Province Estate’s forces, you’ll be opposing the entire Seven Province Continent. Are you sure about this?”

Within the Seven Province Continent, glory belonged to everyone, and damage to one Province would mean damaging all the other Provinces. Regardless of what hidden internal conflicts there were, they would still stand together like the three legs of a tripod.

If one faction were to be attacked, the other few huge provinces would also treat them as enemies. This was also Ling Chen’s last guarantee.

Yun Luofeng’s smile was languid and unruly, as her wicked eyes glanced at Ling Chen’s pale complexion. “Even if I don’t kill you, would the North Province let us off?”

Ling Chen hastily nodded. “That’s right, our grudges will be written off if you let me go. Even though you have the East Province as your backing, don’t forget that there’s still the West Province, South Province, Central Province, and Spirit Province!”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Do you think you could oppose the other five Provinces by joining forces with the East Province?”

“Oh right, there’s still the Witchcraft Tribe…”

Yun Luofeng staying silent caused Ling Chen’s eyes to flicker as he continued his threat. “The Witchcraft Tribe of the Central Province is very powerful and is equally matched with the Central Province Governor Estate. As such, it’s equivalent to opposing six powerful factions…”

Witchcraft Tribe?

Yun Luofeng wickedly laughed. “I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.”

Ling Chen widened his eyes and just then, a black flame appeared at his feet with a bang, instantly enveloping his body. His heart-wrenching wails reverberated throughout the skies, causing one’s hair to stand on end.

Yun Xiao indifferently retracted his hands. He was unhappy that others dared to threaten Yun Luofeng!

“Huang Yingying,” Yun Luofeng looked at Huang Yingying, “How do you intend to deal with… this man?”

Huang Yingying’s body froze and lowered her head. Being silent for a moment, she looked up towards Yun Luofeng.

“Miss, even though he trusted others, he’s done nothing to harm me, and so I will not kill him. However, he delusionally wanted to harm Miss, so he should be punished by you.”

“Yingying!” Ling Shuang’s expression turned pale. Never did he imagine that Huang Yingying would be ruthless to such an extent, not caring about his life or death.

Huang Yingying bluntly turned her head, not sparing Ling Shuang another glance. She was afraid if she took another look, she couldn’t control herself.

“Yun Yi, cripple Ling Shuang and kill the others!”

This time, the North Governor’s Estate had suffered great losses!

Countless powerful elders had been killed, with one of the young masters dead and the other injured! For the North Governor Estate of the North Province, this was the most painful setback they ever experienced and they might not be able to recover even after several decades.


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