Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1578 - False Accusation (2)

Chapter 1578: False Accusation (2)

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Even though the Governor has gradually handed the authority to Ling Shuang, but how could a little maid assume the position of the future Governor's wife? As such, facing Ling Shuang's pleading gaze, all the elders acted blind without a change in their expression.

"Hmph, thieves should be sentenced to death!"

The gray-robed elder coldly snorted and overlooked Yun Luofeng and company. "In addition, you dared to attack our men and it's an added crime. Death is insufficient for the crimes you've committed!"

"Elder!" Ling Shuang's lips turned pale as his body trembled. His face revealed pain and suffering. He regretted it… Regretted trusting Ling Chen and calling upon the elders. Who would have expected that this b*stard Ling Chen wouldn't even let Yingying off!

"Second brother," Ling Chen sighed and walked to Ling Shuang's side, patting his shoulders. "Frankly speaking, there is evidence for everything I've said. Huang Yingying had indeed stolen from our Estate. Otherwise, why do you think our father would oppose you?"

Ling Shuang suddenly shivered and shook his head. "Impossible, Yingying isn't someone like that.."

Hearing his response, Ling Chen subconsciously swept a glance to the gray-robed elder. This elder had the most authority within the Estate and so, his words were more credible.

"Eldest young master is right. Huang Yingying had indeed stolen from the North Governor Estate…" The elder's voice was hoarse and dry as it slowly sounded.

Ling Shuang would be the future Governor of the North Province and to prevent any retaliation in the future, they could only splash dirty water on Huang Yingying.

Huang Yingying was stunned. She widened her eyes in astonishment, seemingly not expecting that they would falsely accuse her.

"Yingying, tell me the truth. Is what they say true?" Ling Shuang looked at Huang Yingying in pain as he asked while trembling.

Huang Yingying laughed mockingly. "Although I don't wish to marry you, I also don't intend to bear the brunt of these false accusations! Ling Shuang, you had better hear this clearly! I've never taken a single copper from your North Governor Estate. I'm afraid the stench radiating from the copper coins in your house would contaminate my hands!"

"Keke," Ling Shuang self-mockingly laughed. "Yingying, how many times do you want to deceive me? I remember in the past you told me that you were alone outside to experience the world, but you never told me that you were a maid!"

He retreated a few steps while his mouth contained a bitter and astringent taste.

"If I knew you were a maid, perhaps I might not have fallen for you and wouldn't be in such a dilemma… However, why did you hide it from me?"

Ling Shuang had gone mad. Confronted by Huang Yingying's shouted reply, he felt that everything was all her fault. It was she who had betrayed his love!

Huang Yingying slightly trembled. Clearly, she was quite angry. Suddenly, a hand landed on her shoulder, pressing on her trembling body. At the same time, it caused her ice-cold body to warm up.

Yun Luofeng's eyes revealed a smile, with her wicked eyes glancing at Ling Shuang. "I want to ask you a few questions. First, you've repeatedly claimed that Huang Yingying deceived you, but did you ever ask her identity? Second, you say she stole, but where's the evidence?"

Ling Shuang shuddered. Indeed, he had never questioned Huang Yingying's identity but that was because he never expected that she was a maid…

"Feng'er," Yun Xiao knitted his brows as the killing aura in his callous voice became denser. "Why waste time with them?"

His words implied that it would be sufficient to directly deal with them, so why waste time?

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