Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1577 - False Accusation (1)

Chapter 1577: False Accusation (1)

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On the streets of the North Province, a beautiful scene attracted everyone’s attention, with a man and woman walking through the center of the streets.

The female’s white robes were purer than snow, looking devastatingly gorgeous. Her appearance was slightly bewitching as her pair of pitch-black eyes radiated a luster. The man standing beside her was handsome and callous, while his black robes were similar to an eagle’s feathers at night, and looked dangerous and sharp.

It was reasonable to say that Huang Yingying was also considered an exceptional beauty, but she appeared dim and without color while standing behind them.

“Hold it!” Two bodyguards near the city gates had instantly obstructed their pathway after noticing their arrival.

“The road ahead is to the Beast Province. Without the Governor’s commands, no one is allowed through!” The guard’s expression was cold and detached, unmoveable like a mountain.

“Yun Xiao.” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and met Yun Xiao’s gaze with a smile. “What do you think of handing them to me to deal with?”



Just as Yun Xiao spoke, the ground beside her trembled. Soon after, a tattered puppet appeared by her side.

“Yun Yi, kill everyone without exception!”

Kill everyone without exception… These few words were particularly domineering and incomparable arrogant.

Yun Yi expressionlessly dashed towards the two guards and launched a fist with a loud bang. The guards who were defending the city gates were immediately sent flying and they crashed heavily on the gates.

“Who has such nerve to cause trouble here in the North Province?”


Suddenly, a powerful energy came from the sky. Not long after that, an elder streaked across the sky, hastily arriving and standing upright before Yun Luofeng. At the same time, footsteps rapidly sounded, and an army of troops had encircled Yun Luofeng and company shortly after.

“I’ve worn out irons shoes in fruitless searching but now I’ve found you without even having to search! I didn’t expect that you’d dare to come to our North Province territory. Hahaha!” A haughty and sinister laugh like a cold wind blowing through the leaves entered Yun Luofeng’s ears.

The troops dispersed and in that instant, Ling Chen and Ling Shuang walked over through the air, standing before Yun Luofeng and her company.

Ling Shuang spotted Huang Yingying standing behind Yun Luofeng in a glance and hastily spoke. “Yingying, hurry and come to my side, I will protect you from getting injured.”

Facing Ling Shuang’s urgent look, Huang Yingying sneered and a mocking smile surfaced on her lips. She straightforwardly turned away, not sparing him another glance.

Ling Shuang was angry and anxious at the same time. He really couldn’t understand why Huang Yingying’s temper was so unyielding. She’d rather stay as a maid than become the Governor Estate’s lady?

“Everyone…” Ling Chen turned to the crowd spectating and his eyes contained a sinister glint. “This girl named Huang Yingying was specifically instigated by someone to seduce my little brother. Furthermore, she has stolen our estate’s wealth!”

Only a few people knew of Ling Chen’s experience in the East Province. Therefore, in everyone’s eyes, Ling Chen still had a good character. Right now after hearing Ling Chen’s words, everyone revealed disbelief. Such a beautiful girl was actually a thief? And was even so courageous as to steal from the Governor Estate?

“Big brother, what do you mean?” Ling Shuang’s expression thoroughly changed. “This was different from what you promised.”

Ling Chen smirked. “Second brother, I’m doing this for your own good, and I don’t wish for you to be entrapped by a little maid. All the elders present are also unwilling to let you commit such a mistake.”

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