Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1576 - Ling Chen’s Hatred

Chapter 1576: Ling Chen's Hatred

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Having been in the North Governor Estate for so long, she was unaware that Hong Luan and Ling Chen had a past relationship. In fact, Ling Chen had lost all his face in the East Province, so how could he allow others to gossip about his affairs at their leisure? He issued a command sealing the news and so Huang Yingying was unaware of their relationship.

“Hold it!” Seeing that Yun Luofeng and company were about to leave, he subconsciously looked up, wanting to grab onto Yun Luofeng’s arm. At that moment, that black-robed man with a callous expression coldly swept him a glance, speaking a single word, ” Scram!”


Ling Shuang was blown away, landing inside the inn. Spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, his handsome face was deathly pale. He wanted to stand up but felt an immense pressure and was unable to move, only capable of looking on helplessly at Yun Luofeng and her company leaving.

North Province, Governor Estate.

Ling Chen furiously swept the teacups on the floor and angrily shouted. “Scram, get lost!” The servant maids were scared, not daring to utter a single word as they hastily retreated.

Suddenly, footsteps sounds sounded and just as Ling Chen wanted to flare up, he swallowed his words after spotting the man stepping into his room, while his face was still ashen.

“Hmph, weren’t you searching for your beloved? Why? You still know to return?”

Ling Shuang tightly clenched his fist. “Big Brother, are you acquainted with a white-robed lady?”

White-robed lady?

In that instant, an extremely gorgeous appearance surfaced in his mind and it was that face that caused him to gnashed his teeth in hatred.

“Why are you asking about this?”

“When I went looking for Yingying, I found out she was only a maid and the lord she was following seemed to be related with Hong Luan.”

Hong Luan? Ling Chen suddenly looked up, and his eyes stared unwaveringly at the handsome man standing in front.

“Yun Luofeng, it really is that d*mned woman?”

Ling Shuang lowered his eyes. “Brother, are you aware of Yun Luofeng’s identity?”

“Just an insignificant nobody that coincidentally clicked well with Hong Luan, and so dared to ride roughshod over others!” Ling Chen gnashed his teeth, while his eyes looked vicious.

Ling Shuang sighed in disappointment. “I thought she was some influential family’s young miss and intended to force her to acknowledge Yingying as her sister, helping her break away from the slave registry. Unfortunately, her status is also lowly so how could she possibly help Yingying?”

Ling Chen turned taciturn and after a long time, a sinister glint streaked across his eyes.

“If you want to marry Huang Yingying, it’s simple and I have a solution! But the precondition is, you have to help me kill that woman Yun Luofeng!”

Ling Shuang was somewhat shocked. “Help? How should I help?”

“Hmph, did you think I didn’t know that Father gradually handed the North Governor Estate’s authority to you after my body became defective? Now that Father isn’t in the estate, you have the authority to mobilize the experts in the estate. I want you to dispatch them to kill her!”

Ling Shuang’s expression was incomparably awkward. “Big brother, Father did this because…”

“Save your explanation. Not being the head of the North Governor Estate isn’t important. What I want is to kill Yun Luofeng!” Ling Chen’s fingernails sunk into his flesh, and fresh blood flowed out but he was completely unaware. “After you help me, I’ll provide you a way that will allow Father to accept both of you.”

Thinking it through, Ling Chen nodded in agreement. “Alright Big brother, I will comply with you on this.”

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