Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1574 - Clinging Obstinately (2)

Chapter 1574: Clinging Obstinately (2)

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“I understand, this is your choice and I’ll take you with me from now on.” Yun Luofeng lifted Huang Yingying up, as her wicked voice contained indifference.

Huang Yingying was delighted. Frankly speaking, she had steeled her heart to be rejected but unexpectedly, Yun Luofeng agreed to it…

“Miss, to head to the Beast Province, we must pass through the North Province but I’m worried… They might not let us through!”

There were guards at the gates of every city in the North Province and they had to go through the gates in order to pass by the North Province. If they were unwilling to let them pass, they would be unable to successfully proceed towards the Beast Province unless they used force…

“So what if the North Province is unwilling to let us pass?” Even though Ling Chen of the North Province had a grudge against her, he wouldn’t paste her portrait on the city gates to prevent them from passing through, would he?

“The Ghost Emperor should be well aware of this. The Beast Province is different from various large Provinces, with the majority of residents being spirit beasts with comparatively few humans. In addition, the beast race is fond of attacking humans and so, their relationship with various Provinces isn’t good.”

“However, the Beast Province is the most powerful among the various large Provinces…”

The strength of the spirit beast could be seen from the territory they established that could stand tall without falling among numerous humans.

“As such, the city gates separating the Beast Province and the other various provinces is heavily guarded. Humans from the Beast Province can leave but they’ll never allow any humans to enter!”

“I doubt the North Province would be so kind-hearted as to dispatch guards and heavily guard the gates to prevent humans from throwing away their lives,” Yun Luofeng slowly said.

Huang Yingying helplessly shook her head. “Miss, it’s human nature to be greedy. Each and every spirit beast in the Beast Province is powerful and the majority of them have swallowed the anthropomorphism fruit and morphed into a human appearance. For humans, such a spirit beast is a treasure they yearn for even in their dreams.”

“Over the many years, there would often be humans delusionally wanting to enter the Beast Province and have those spirit beasts be contracted to them, so they could use them to fight.” At this point, Huang Yingying’s words became somewhat cautious. “However, later on, those humans had instead surrendered to those spirit beasts, increasing the Beast Province’s influence.”

Yun Luofeng quirked her brow, “Why is that so?”

“This…” Huang Yingying pursed her lips, “It’s rumored that those spirit beasts who morphed into human appearance are all extremely gorgeous, even more beautiful than humans. There’s even a Fox Clan that specializes in the art of seduction, charming others and have them willingly abandon their human nature, becoming a slave for the spirit beasts!”

To prevent the number of experts on the continent from decreasing, the various provinces unanimously decided to turn back all experts who wanted to enter the Beast Province. As a result, the Beast Province only allowed exits and prevented entrances. However, any experts who left the Beast Province would be supervised by various large factions, guaranteeing they would not be brainwashed by the beast race.

As for those weaker humans wanting to leave the Beast Province… The moment they took a single step out, they would be secretly disposed of by the North Province’s experts!

Yun Luofeng lifted her brow, looking towards Yun Xiao and asked with a smile, “How did you previously enter the Beast Province?”

“The arrival location of the spatial wormhole is the Beast Province.”

“What about those who were supervising you when you left?”

“Dead…” Yun Xiao’s answer was simple and straightforward.

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin. “I’m not sure how Hong Luan entered the Beast Province, but I understand that I must head there! Yun Xiao, Huang Yingying, we shall leave today! The faster we find her, the sooner any danger she encountered will decrease.”

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