Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1572 - Meeting Huang Yingying Again (2)

Chapter 1572: Meeting Huang Yingying Again (2)

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In an unadorned and compact inn, Huang Yingying poured a cup of tea for Yun Luofeng before sitting down.

"Three years ago, the leader of Witchcraft Tribe tasked me to deliver the Witchcraft Flower to save Miss Hong Luan, and so I left the tribe. Furthermore, after Miss Hong Luan had regained consciousness, I left and traveled alone.

"While traveling, I encountered Ling Shuang." Huang Yingying's smile contained bitterness. "Ling Shuang didn't have a haughty attitude like other young masters and his personality was very gentle, taking care of me in all aspects. Furthermore, I wasn't experienced in matters of love, so… I fell in love."

"However, after the governor found out about our relationship, he came looking for me and forced me to leave Ling Shuang."

Yun Luofeng sipped her tea and quirked her brow. "He's was unaware you're the Witchcraft Tribe's Lady Saintess?"

Huang Yingying shook her head. "I did not reveal my identity to Ling Shuang and when the governor came looking, I stopped the guards the tribe leader dispatched to protect me, who wanted to stick up for me.

"With the North Governor's influence as such, why should I cling to them? Since he intends to find a woman with a well-matched background, he should do as he pleases. I do not value the position of Lady of the Governor Estate."

Even though the North Governor Estate of North Province was the faction that dominated the North Province, the Witchcraft Tribe was one of the top-ranked factions of the Central Province. Their faction would be on par with the Central Province's Governor Estate.

If a traitor hadn't appeared in the Witchcraft Tribe, they would be able to exterminate the Poison Valley without an effort with the tribe leader's strength even if all their experts had attacked.

One could imagine how powerful the Witchcraft Tribe was in the Central Province. Existing in the Central Province for so long, the Witchcraft Tribe had also inherited many things. If it weren't for the unforeseen event within the tribe several years ago, perhaps the tribe would be a faction that was above various Provinces…

"What about Ling Shuang's attitude towards you?" Yun Luofeng pondered for a moment and asked.

Huang Yingying trembled and she lowered her eyes. "Ling Shuang treats me well, but he's not firm and steady enough."

"He did not accept or reject the fiancee his father selected, and only advised me to wait." Huang Yingying bitterly laughed, "He said there would come a day when his father would accept us. Alas, what awaited me was his father's warning." After she spoke, Huang Yingying looked at Yun Luofeng, while tightly biting her lips.

"At that time, I cried and returned to the Witchcraft Tribe where I found out about your death. The tribe leader deceived me and claimed that if I were to complete the inheritance, you would return…"

Three years ago after obtaining news of Yun Luofeng's death, she nearly crumbled and coupled with losing her love, there was a time where she wanted to abandon herself to despair. However, the tribe leader's words gave her hope and confidence… Huang Yingying was filled with guilt. The tribe leader had done this in her best interests and she shouldn't have been so cruel to him.

Yun Luofeng stroked her chin. She had nearly forgotten about the North Governor Estate…

"Oh right, Miss Yun. I heard that you went looking for the Ghost Emperor at God Burial Mountain. Did you find him?"

"En?" Yun Luofeng lifted her sight and said while gently smiling. "Since I have been low on medicinal herbs recently, he went to the medical stores to purchase some. Initially, I was waiting for him at the market but unexpectedly I bumped into you…"

Regardless of whether it was Little Tree or the gold-seeking hamsters, they required medicinal herbs as nutrients. Right now, there was another pet that consumed medicinal herbs as food - Little Bug!

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