Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1570 - Jun Fengling and Old Man Jun

Chapter 1570: Jun Fengling and Old Man Jun

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“It should be here.” Not long after Yun Luofeng left, a man and a woman slowly descended from the sky while they attentively watched God Burial Mountain ahead.

The red-robed lady’s looks were extremely gorgeous, valiant, and formidable looking while her appearance resembled Yun Xiao. The man was as gentle as jade and his emotional eyes were filled with worry, so he did not forget to console the woman beside him.

“Jun’er, I’m sure Feng’er is safe. We’ll go and look for her now.”

“I hope so. If I find out who injured my daughter-in-law, I’ll burn their corpse and scatter their ashes!” A dangerous glint streaked across Jun Fengling’s narrowed eyes.

Ye Jingchen’s looked at Jun Fengling and a faint curve quirked on his thin lips.

“Jun’er, let’s go.” Just as they were about to enter God Burial Mountain, an aged voice suddenly sounded from the side, with traces of sigh and worry.

“At that time, I should’ve stopped that girl from entering God Burial Mountain. I wonder if she has encountered any dangers?” Old man Jun revealed a bitter smile, while his voice contained helplessness.

Jun Fengling subconsciously looked towards old man Jun. The moment she saw his aged face, she couldn’t help but frown. She didn’t know why, but this old man gave her a feeling of being close and familiar. This feeling made her want to become friends with him.

Ye Jingchen evidently saw through his wife’s internal thoughts and patted her shoulders, then walked towards old man Jun and spoke with his hands cupped together. “Senior, are you here to find someone?”

Old man Jun’s line of sight fell on Ye Jingchen and replied with an aged voice, “That’s right.”

“May I know the person you’re looking for is…”

“My granddaughter.”

Granddaughter? Ye Jingchen stared blankly while internally feeling disappointed.

Yun Luofeng had encountered dangers in God Burial mountain and since this old man was also here to look for someone, he assumed they would fortuitously be searching for the same person. Unexpectedly, this man was looking for his own granddaughter. Feng’er’s grandfather was Yun Luo and this old man before him clearly did not come for Feng’er.

“Brother Ye,” Jun Fengling walked to Ye Jingchen’s side and turned to old man Jun with a smile. “Senior, if you don’t mind, why don’t we travel together?”

If it was Ye Jingchen who invited him, the old man would definitely reject him. However… just as he saw the lady walking towards him, he became distracted. If his daughter was here, perhaps she would be the same age as the lady before him. But… his daughter was still in the Land of No Return, so it was impossible for her to appear here.

“Sure.” The old man wouldn’t accept any stranger trying to worm their way into becoming his friend, but he was unable to feel malice toward this the red-robed lady in front of him. Furthermore, subconsciously he wanted to get closer to her…

“Cough cough!”

Seeing old man Jun staring at his wife, he couldn’t help but dryly cough and his handsome face was clearly unsightly. Old man Jun recovered his senses and had an awkward expression on his face. With his earlier expression, it was indeed easy for others to mistake him as a lecher. However, he couldn’t restrain himself from wanting to look at her.

It was only several days later that Jun Fengling and old man Jun understood what it meant when something was fated.

In Liuye Town, the market was incomparably bustling, while the peddler’s shouts repeated continuously. From a distance, Yun Luofeng spotted a familiar figure and was astonished.

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