Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1568 - Meeting the Skeleton Troop Again (1)

Chapter 1568: Meeting the Skeleton Troop Again (1)

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If he had the boldness of this man, would his beloved have avoided a premature death?

“Yun Xiao, let’s go.” Looking at the man’s face, Yun Luofeng gently smiled and her lazy voice sounded.

“Alright.” Yun Xiao met her gaze and smiled, as his arm embraced her waist. Taking a single step, he had already traveled a hundred feet.

“Wait!” the head elder anxiously called out. However, their figures had disappeared before he managed to speak…

“Head elder, we can finally leave this god-forsaken place.” Everyone felt happy deep down, and only the head elder’s countenance was of worry.

“The ancestor left this saying behind, whoever could lift the restriction was the person God had sent to us. Now that she has left, what should we do?”

Evidently, the head elder wasn’t aware of the ancestor’s intent for leaving behind that saying. It was to give his descendants hope. Even the ancestor himself didn’t expect that a woman named Yun Luofeng would appear many years later, lifting the restriction of this country.

On God Burial Mountain, underbrush was in abundance, and a powerful aura covered the whole mountain range. If someone weak was to come here, perhaps they would be immediately scared witless by the powerful aura present.

One had to say that Yun Luofeng’s luck was good. She encountered the skeleton troop the moment she arrived at the God Burial Mountain and now that she intended to leave, she had once again encountered the skeleton troop who had formed teams.

Looking at those skeletons who waved their bones and were dashing over at a high speed, Yun Xiao expressionlessly commanded Little Bug who was napping.

“Resolve this in the shortest time possible.”

“En.” Little Bug answered and just as he intended to battle with the skeletons, Yun Luofeng stopped him.

“I have a grudge against these skeletons.” Yun Luofeng gave a wicked smile. “Therefore, I will dispose of them myself.”

She never forgot the time when she had been chased by these skeleton troops after she stepped onto God Burial Mountain. Right now, since she had broken through to sage-lord level with great difficulty, she wanted to personally take revenge!


After she spoke, she dashed towards the skeleton troop.

She, who was once chased down and had to flee in disarray with a sorry figure, finally had the strength to deal with them at this moment. Even so, these skeletons couldn’t be destroyed or feel pain. Even though Yun Luofeng had broken through to sage-lord level, it was still slightly difficult if she wanted to exterminate this team of the undead.

“Not good, if this continues, sooner or later I won’t be able to continue.”

Yun Luofeng fished out a spirit herb and swallowed it without chewing. Her originally depleted physical strength and spirit energy gradually recovered. Not far away, Yun Xiao fixed his eyes on Yun Luofeng’s battle with a calm face. However, he was prepared. If Yun Luofeng couldn’t defeat these skeletons, he would take action…

“Xiao Mo, do you know why these deceased became a skeleton troop?” Yun Luofeng cleaned the blood traces on her mouth and used spirit voice transmittance to ask.

In her spirit, Xiao Mo’s voice immediately sounded.

“I’m unclear of the specifics but have you noticed that there’s a moss-green will o’ wisp in the eyes of every skeleton? They are all souls, but not the skeleton’s souls…”

Not the skeleton’s souls?

Yun Luofeng’s eyes flickered for a moment. Seemingly understanding something, she hastily shut her eyes. The noises in her surroundings instantly disappeared as if only she existed in this whole world…

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