Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1567 - Little Bug Weeping Without Tears (4)

Chapter 1567: Little Bug Weeping Without Tears (4)

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“Keke.” The queen took a step back and revealed a desolate smile. Her tears flowed down from her eyes as she mocked herself.

“Your Majesty, me and you, along with my sister grew up together since we were young and I had already fallen for you at that time. However, you only had eyes for my sister!”

“My appearance and strength were inferior compared to hers, and all the elders intended to crown her as the queen after you ascended the throne. But did you know how jealous I was at that time?”

Xuan Yuan coldly looked at his queen. “Therefore, you conspired to murder her?” The queen’s expression suddenly froze and became flustered.

Looking at her sudden change of expression, the flames of fury in Xuan Yuan’s heart were ignited. “It was really you who harmed her?”

Actually, Xuan Yuan was only testing her with his questioning. In the past, he would never have suspected the queen, but now that her true colors had been exposed, he started to be skeptical… However, the queen’s expression had proven everything.


Xuan Yuan’s violent rage erupted and spared no effort to strangle the queen. His eyes were red through and through, radiating fury as he shouted, “She was your sister. You were orphaned since you were young and she was the one who raised you. How could you be so ruthless as to kill her?” The queen was strangled by him and unable to utter any words. Her face turned red from being choked while revealing despair.

She did not regret killing her sister. To possess this man, she would rather kill everyone instead of allowing anyone to steal her man! However, the king’s actions towards her had caused her heart to turn cold.

All the elders stood by one side without stopping the King. Having committed such a grave mistake, the queen should be punished. Furthermore… they understood that the king would not kill the queen. At most, he would cripple her. In their country, there wasn’t a precedent of the death penalty!

As expected…

After venting his anger, the king loosened his hands. His hands were still slightly trembling and his eyes contained hatred. “Men, drag the queen away. Cripple her strength, and expel her from the country!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Just as the two bodyguards wanted to walk up, a powerful energy swooped down all of a sudden, penetrating the queen’s body with a bang.

The queen stiffened and widened her eyes in disbelief. Fresh blood spread from her chest and she suddenly froze before she collapsed.

“Your Majesty!” Everyone was stunned and they looked up at the black-robed man standing in the sky.

The man’s black robes were lightly rippling along with the wind while this right hand gently embraced the white-robed lady. He was still as expressionless as before, while this look was incomparably callous.

“Young master,” the head elder’s expression was somewhat unsightly. “The queen committed a crime and we had decided to punish her. However, isn’t killing her too excessive?”

The man slightly lowered his eyes, looking down at everyone beneath him. His callous eyes were unyielding while releasing an austere killing aura, making them tremble with fear.

“Your country’s original predetermined queen was murdered and you didn’t avenge her. Even the man who loved her deeply did not severely punish the murderer…” The man’s voice was callous and low as before, “However… whoever dares to touch a single strand of hair on my wife’s head shall have their blood spilled!”

So what if he killed? For her, he could slaughter the whole world, not to mention a woman.

Xuan Yuan’s body somewhat froze. He lightly sighed, and a bitter smile surfaced on his handsome face.

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