Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1566 - Little Bug Weeping Without Tears (3)

Chapter 1566: Little Bug Weeping Without Tears (3)

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"Reasonably speaking, originally we should have been trapped in this place, unable to leave. However, I have lifted the restriction on this country and so now we can leave…" Her voice wasn't loud or soft but was heard by everyone.

The restriction was that water dragon, and after it disappeared the restriction was also lifted.

"What?" The head elder who heard her couldn't control his excitement. "What did you say? Our country's restriction has been lifted?"

"That's right," Yun Luofeng looked around at everyone. "The restriction has been lifted, but it will depend on your own ability to leave God Burial Mountain. Furthermore, I have something to settle before I leave."

When she spoke, her gaze slowly landed on the queen while a wicked smile surfaced on her lips, seemingly extremely sinister.

The queen's complexion was as pale as snow and lacked color. Meeting Yun Luofeng's sinister and eerie gaze, she retreated while her lips trembled.


Spirit energy was released, causing the queen to fly out and crash at the rear of the crowd with a bang. Everyone was shocked, not understanding why Yun Luofeng had attacked the queen.

"My Queen!" The head elder turned pale with fright, and his eyes filled with confusion landed on Yun Luofeng. "Miss Yun, what are you doing? The queen went looking for you in the rear mountain because she didn't wish for you to take the risk and intended to pull you back."

Yun Luofeng snorted, and her slightly lifted eyes were wild and arrogant. "Are you sure that's the case?" In an instant, everyone's attention gathered on the queen, with a questioning look in their eyes.

Could it be… Had the empress done something inappropriate to Yun Luofeng?

"I, Yun Luofeng can rely on my own abilities to stand at the peak. Why would I need to vie for the measly position of a concubine? Not to mention the queen's position, I don't even care if it's the position of the king!" Her voice was incomparably arrogant, similar to a meteorite that fiercely rammed against everyone's hearts.

"However, you thought I wanted to snatch your position and did not hesitate to push me into the deep pit. If it weren't for my luck, I'm afraid… I would've disappeared in that pit!"

Xuan Yuan's body stiffened. Slowly turning his head, his gray eyes contained fury and disbelief.

"Queen, can you provide me an explanation?"

"No, it wasn't so, she's lying. Your Majesty, you have to believe in me. I love you deeply so how could I commit such acts that harm others and injure myself?" The queen knelt and crawled towards Xuan Yuan, then tightly hugged his thighs and wept.

Shutting his eyes, and opening them once again, his gaze was filled with grief.

"Why are you still lying at this point in time? There are no grudges between you and Miss Yun, so why would she attempt to frame you?"

"I…" The queen was speechless.

If Yun Xiao hadn't appeared, she would've been certain of Yun Luofeng pursuing Xuan Yuan, but right now… this black-robed man was so outstanding, so how could Yun Luofeng abandon such an excellent man and go after Xuan Yuan?

Seeing the queen silent, Xuan Yuan sneered and pushed away her arms that hugged his thighs, with disappointment in his eyes.

He thought that the queen was kind-hearted and had sacrificed everything for him discreetly, which caused him to visit her occasionally… Yet ultimately, he had been hoodwinked by her!

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