Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1564 - Little Bug Weeping Without Tears (1)

Chapter 1564: Little Bug Weeping Without Tears (1)

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Xuan Yuan raised his hand, stopping the Empress while his vigilant gaze looked at the black-robed man standing in the skies. Not knowing the reason, this man gave him a dangerous feeling, as if the entire country could be exterminated with a wave of his hand.

The man’s unapproachable gaze gradually turned gentle, as he looked towards the skies before him. A faint arc unconsciously quirked up on his lips. His smile was very faint, to the extent of being undetectable. Even so, that faint smile was still imprinted in everyone’s eyes.

Everyone had followed the man’s gaze and looked in the same direction, perhaps wanting to know why this ice-cold man had such a huge transformation. Just as their gaze shifted over, a snow-white long robe came into view.

Her white robes were purer than snow, and she had an extremely gorgeous appearance. Her devilish aura had disappeared the instant she saw the man who was standing in the air. Meeting each other’s eyes, there were indescribable tender sentimental feelings between them.

The man slightly extended his arms as his black-robes flew in the breeze. His serious gaze filled with gentleness stared at the white-robed lady not far away. Seemingly wanting to carve her figure into his mind.

Suddenly… the young lady ran towards the man and dashed into his embrace. The man tightly embraced the woman’s thin waist, giving her an unforgettable kiss in the sky.

Three years….

They had been separated for three years! Within these three years, no one knew how he had endured it! If he hadn’t believed firmly that Yun Luofeng wasn’t dead, then… it would be impossible for him to continue going on.

The queen’s complexion turned pale from shock.

Yun Luofeng wasn’t dead? How was this possible? Furthermore, looking at the situation, Yun Luofeng and that black-robed man were lovers. Then what were her previous actions considered to be? If she knew earlier that Yun Luofeng had a lover, why was there a need to deal with her so persistently?

Thinking of this, the queen couldn’t refrain from biting her lips as her body started trembling.

Right now, everyone was looking at the pair of lovers kissing in the skies and no one noticed the queen’s peculiarity.

“This girl’s strength seems to have changed drastically.” Surprise could be seen from the head elder’s expression. “Our guess was wrong and the person who broke through was this girl!”

From the start, the head elder was also unable to determine Yun Luofeng’s strength. At that time, she had not caused him to feel restraining fear, but at this moment she gave him a feeling of profound mystery! It was to the extent that he feared her aura.

What did this mean? It meant that Yun Luofeng had attained the sage-lord level realm!

“I finally… found you.” The man’s voice contained magnetism and was hoarse, while filled with seduction as before.

“Yun Xiao, I missed you…”

Her heartfelt words caused the man’s expression to change subtly. He tightly hugged her and once again kissed her fiercely. After a long time later, he loosened his embrace while his lips quirked up and his expressionless ice-cold face was similar to a melted ice cube. Her inverted figure could be seen within his black eyes.

“Mistress, I finally got to meet you. You’re more beautiful than I expected…”

The little bug on Yun Xiao’s shoulder swayed its head and spoke to Yun Luofeng in a fawning manner.


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