Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1563 - Hot as Ice (5)

Chapter 1563: Hot as Ice (5)

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Therefore, there must be someone living in seclusion on the back mountain, who had broken through to sage lord level…

He didn't think it was Yun Luofeng, because she didn't show her power when she came to the country.

A sage lord level spirit cultivator was so powerful! How could she, a young woman, break through to this level? This was completely impossible!


At that moment, a sudden and powerful force came and made everyone shiver. They looked up only to see a black figure rushing through the sky and stopping in front of them. It was a very handsome man whose cold eyes were as sharp as an eagle's eyes. He stood in the sky, with his hands clasped behind him. He looked down at them like a king standing high above all beings. No figure was reflected in this man's cool and deep eyes. He was too cold to get close to.

The moment the queen saw the man, she was stunned.

She thought that the king was the most handsome man in the world and no man could match him. However, compared with the cool and powerful man in front of her, Xuan Yuan was as small as the dust on the ground.

If… she hadn't fallen in love with the king and had met this man first, she would probably fall in love with him. However, she already had Xuan Yuan in her heart. No matter how outstanding this man was, he couldn't touch her heart…

Thinking of this, the queen turned her head and affectingly gazed at Xuan Yuan.

"Who are you?

First Elder scowled. This man was not from their country. Otherwise, he would remember such a powerful man.

The man didn't speak. Pursing his lips, he gazed affectionately at the storm above the back mountain. His cold eyes were filled with tenderness…

"Are you the one who made the breakthrough on the back mountain?" First Elder asked, frowning.

He asked this, because since this man appeared, the storm gradually diminished, which meant that the breakthrough had been finished…

But why was he looking at that place as if there was someone there…

More puzzlingly, why did such a mysterious man suddenly appear in their country?

"Young Master…" Xuan Yuan frowned, "Are you…?"

"Go away!" The man shouted coldly and became cold and unapproachable again, not as tender as before. He coldly glanced at Xuan Yuan, his face expressionless.

"Your Majesty, he's so rude!" The queen angrily stamped her foot and looked up at the cold man on the sky, "This is the territory of our country. You are a stranger here. You should explain why you are here, or else we will kill you!"

The man remained cold and ignored the queen as if a single glance at her would soil his eyes.

The queen blushed with anger. Just when she was going to curse, she saw a small head popped up from the man's shoulder…

It was an emerald-green bug that was so beautiful that people would want to put it in their hand and carefully appreciate it. However, the bug's eyes… seemed to be filled with contempt?

Yes, contempt!

It was like it was laughing at the queen's stupidity…

"Your Majesty, how dare they…" The queen clenched her fist in anger. Even a little bug dared to despise her?

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