Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1562 - Hot as Ice (4)

Chapter 1562: Hot as Ice (4)

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“Yes, Master!”

In an instant, several powerful forces passed on to her body from her soul. Yun Luofeng hurriedly gathered all the forces together and passed them on to the body of the water dragon.

As the water dragon gave out a roar, its strength grew rapidly. Though he was at a disadvantage before, he was soon tied in strength with the fiery beast…


As Yun Luofeng shouted, the water dragon and the beast immediately disappeared and were sucked into her body…

Through her consciousness, she could see that there were two light spots in her soul. One was red and the other was blue. The two light spots stayed on either side and were eyeing each other covetously, waiting for a chance to defeat the other party.

Perhaps because Yun Luofeng had tamed the fiery beast, the surrounding flames quickly moved aside and made a way for her…

“Master, I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse,” Xiao Mo said helplessly. “Although we helped the water dragon, we… can’t help him all the time. If he is defeated by the fire of reincarnation, your soul will immediately turn to ashes.”

Yun Luofeng asked after pondering for a while, “What’s the solution?”

“You can find something with the water attribute to increase the strength of the water dragon. Then they will reach a balance even though they both live in your body.”

Yun Luofeng, as a human, couldn’t digest the water dragon, so she could only suppress it with the fire of reincarnation…

Although some of the water dragon was devoured by the gold-seeking hamsters, those souls could not exert much influence on it. Even so, the water dragon was no match for the fiery beast…


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, and a powerful spirit energy rushed into Yun Luofeng’s body…

Yun Luofeng quickly sat cross-legged, letting the fierce gale whip up her pitch-black hair.

“Master, congratulations, you finally broke through to the sage-lord level!”

On the Continent of Seven Provinces, only sage-lord level spirit cultivators were qualified to stand above all beings!

At the same time, people of the country all heard the loud noise on the back mountain. They all turned their eyes to the back mountain…

Above the back mountain, a whirlpool hovered in the sky that contained infinite power and great pressure. Under its pressure, the people who were not powerful enough couldn’t even stand up straight…

The back mountain.

Xuan Yuan and the queen were watching. Compared with the man beside her who looked excited, the queen was nervous and worried.

Why did this happen? Who would have a breakthrough in the uninhabited back mountain? Was it Yun Luofeng?


That was impossible! Yun Luofeng was dead. It couldn’t be her!

As the queen was anxiously thinking, footsteps came from behind her.

Xuan Yuan turned his head only to see the elders had come and he respectfully said, “First Elder, you’ve come?”

First Elder looked very excited. He stared at the storm above the back mountain without blinking. He was so excited that his voice changed. “It’s a great thing that someone in our country has finally broken through to sage-lord level after all these years. I just don’t know who it is. Is there a strong master of our country living in seclusion on the back mountain?”

This was possible!

He prohibited anyone from entering the back mountain, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t anyone living in it. After all, the ban was issued about a decade ago. Maybe someone was living in the back mountain before that. After all, he didn’t search the back mountain for survivors because he thought it was too dangerous.


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