Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1560 - Hot as Ice (2)

Chapter 1560: Hot as Ice (2)

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Bixiao felt her heart sink. Her power couldn’t resist the fire of reincarnation for long. If Yun Luofeng didn’t leave soon, the fire of reincarnation would devour her in an instant!

However, it was too late for her to leave the pit, and the soul power within her body might explode…

At this time, Bixiao felt that the fire of reincarnation around Yun Luofeng was about to move. A moment later, when the green light surrounding Yun Luofeng disappeared, the fire of reincarnation instantly went up and buried her in the deep pit.

Not as frightened as Bixiao and the others, Xiao Mo looked calm, but his bright eyes were still filled with nervousness and anxiety.

“If it were before, Master will be wiped out by the fire of reincarnation right away. However, don’t forget that the water dragon has lived here for so many years, which proves his soul is very powerful! Therefore, after devouring his soul, Master won’t be killed so easily… ”

Xiao Mo tightly clenched his fists and pondered.

“I asked Master to absorb the soul of the water dragon because the fire of reincarnation will suppress the power of the water dragon. If Master can hold on, she will be able to improve her strength to a higher level, but if she can’t…”

Xiao Mo suddenly shuddered, but a confident gleam flickered across his eyes.

“No, my master will be able to make it!”

At the foot of the back mountain, the queen ran down the mountain in a hurry. However, at this time, she saw Xuan Yuan rushing towards her, followed by a lot of guards. She felt her heart skip a beat and turned ghastly pale.

“Your Majesty… ”

Xuan Yuan angrily rushed up to her, slapped her hard on the cheek and shouted angrily, “Who allowed you to enter the back mountain?”

The queen tightly bit her lips and burst into tears. She covered her face with her hands, her eyes so sad. This was the first time the Emperor slapped her…

For Yun Luofeng!

Luckily, the woman had died and no one would be able to steal her husband from her!

Thinking of this, the queen lowered her eyes, and a grim and ferocious gleam flashed through her eyes…

“Guards, tie the Empress up and send her to the Council of Elders to receive punishment!”

Xuan Yuan coldly glanced at the queen, flicked his sleeves hard and walked away.

The Council of Elders.

It was quiet and solemn.

Looking at the queen who was tied up, Elder First said slowly, “Queen, aren’t you going to give me an explanation?”

The queen bit her lips tightly, “First Elder, I was worried about Miss Yun, so I went to the back mountain to stop her, but I didn’t find her, so I came back.”

First Elder wouldn’t agree with the king to divorce her, but…

The king disliked her and would never look at her. So she must not admit what she had done!

“Queen, even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you have to be punished because you went to the back mountain without permission!” First Elder said harshly and his eyes were chilly. “Guards, lock her up. She shall ponder over her mistakes for the next three months!”

“Yes, First Elder.”

Two guards came forward and beckoned the queen, “Your Highness, this way please.”

The queen smiled sadly and gazed at Xuan Yuan, her eyes so grieved.

“Your Majesty, whatever I do, it’s for you, but you hurt me every time.”

Xuan Yuan paused and looked at her only to see the queen’s beautiful, piteous eyes. Even though he had no feelings for this woman, he felt guilty at this moment…


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