Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1559 - Hot as Ice (1)

Chapter 1559: Hot as Ice (1)

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The water dragon let out a roar and swung his tail at Yun Luofeng, trying to kill the woman in front of him.


Yun Luofeng was thrown back and hit the rock wall hard. She lifted her head and wiped the blood from her lower mouth. Her mocking eyes were filled with amusement.

“Come again!”

In an instant, she rushed to the front of the water dragon, grabbed the horns of the dragon and climbed up to his head.


The water dragon became furious and spat a mouthful of flames. However, Yun Luofeng had climbed onto his head, so the flames just hit the wall and were devoured by the fire of reincarnation.

“If you were still alive, I might fear you, but you are only a soul now!”

In the beginning, the water dragon didn’t take the woman in white seriously. He shook his head desperately, trying to shake her off his head. But then, he was scared by the woman’s next move…

The woman laid down on his head to keep her balance, and then… opened her mouth, bit at his head, tore a piece of his soul off, and chewed and swallowed it.


The intense pain made the water dragon tremble all over. He could not help but wail. His whole body was twisted in pain and he shook his body desperately to get Yun Luofeng off his head. However…

The woman still tightly held onto his horns and gnawed at his soul.

“Since you want to devour my soul, I shall devour yours first!”


Another sharp pain.

The water dragon was no longer as domineering and unruly as it used to be. He looked at her with pleading eyes and whined miserably. He seemed to be begging for mercy, begging Yun Luofeng to let it go.

“Let you go?” Yun Luofeng sneered, “If it was me who was defeated, would you let me go?”

If she lost, she would surely be devoured by the water dragon. Then she’d rather devour his soul first…


The water dragon hit the rock wall hard with his body in agony, and his voice became more angry and painful. If Yun Luofeng hadn’t climbed onto his head, he would have cut this woman into pieces!

Feeling the killing intent of the water dragon, Yun Luofeng gnawed at his soul more and more quickly.

Gradually, the water dragon’s spirits sagged. Not resisting her attacks as fiercely as just now, he looked so weak as if he would disappear at any time…

Seeing the water dragon no longer be able to resist her, Yun Luofeng brought out the gold-seeking hamster tribe. In an instant, numerous gold-seeking hamsters surrounded the water dragon, bit its soul with sharp teeth, and ate it with gusto.

Soon, the whole water dragon had been digested in the stomachs of Yun Luofeng and the gold-seeking hamsters. When Yun Luofeng took the hamsters back to the God Code World, she suddenly felt that there was a powerful force racing through her body…

“Master, hurry up, sit down and suppress the power of the water dragon, or else your body may explode.”

Xiao Mo’s anxious voice came out.

This time, Yun Luofeng was really too impulsive. Unlike gold-seeking hamsters, she couldn’t directly digest the soul of the water dragon. If not handled properly, the power contained in this soul would explode within her body…

Not having time to ponder, Yun Luofeng hurriedly sat down with her knees crossed and tried to digest the power in her body, ignoring the fire of reincarnation.

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