Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1557 - Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (7)

Chapter 1557: Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (7)

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Hua Yifei felt his heart skip a beat. Just then, Jun Ling'er suddenly turned her head around and kissed his lips. The sudden movement stunned Hua Yifei, and then dizziness came over him and he stumbled.

"Ling'er, you… "


Hua Yifei didn't finish speaking when he fell on the ground and lost all his senses.

"Yifei, I'm sorry, but I have to go to God Burial Mountain."

She wiped the corners of her mouth, turned and walked out, not even looking back at Hua Yifei. She was afraid that one more look would make her reluctant to leave…

"Young Master Yifei, Young Master Yifei!

A passing servant, seeing Hua Yifei lying unconsciously on the ground, cried out anxiously, "Come on, Young Master Yifei has fainted."

At the moment, Grandfather Jun was still in grief. Hearing the servant's voice, he had no time to recover from the pain before he walked quickly to the front yard.

"Master, Yifei, what's going on?"

Jun Xuan frowned. Crises came one after another! Whether Yun Luofeng was alive or dead remained unknown, and Hua Yifei suddenly fell into a coma.

"By the way, where is Ling'er?"

Normally, if Hua Yifei fainted, Jun Ling'er would surely be the first to come to him. But why hadn't she shown up now today?

Grandfather Jun straightened up and waved, asking servants to take Hua Yifei to his room.

"You don't need to look for Ling'er," he said to Jun Xuan.

"Master?" Jun Xuan looked at Grandfather Jun in surprise. What did Master mean?

"Yifei fell into a coma because he was drugged… by Ling'er."


Jun Xuan was dumbfounded. Ling'er and Hua Yifei were in love with each other. Why did she drug him?

Grandfather Jun shook his head in a wry smile, "If I have guessed correctly, Ling'er must have gone to God Burial Mountain because she overheard our conversation and heard that Feng'er had died."

Jun Xuan's face immediately changed, and he hurriedly ordered, "Guards, find Miss and bring her back home!"

Grandfather Jun didn't stop Jun Xuan. He was too old to bear the pain of losing another family member…

"Xuan'er, please take care of the Jun Family for me. I will be away for some time."

"Master, where are you going?"

Grandfather Jun took a deep breath, suppressed the surging grief in his heart, and slowly said, "I must find Feng'er no matter whether she is dead or alive. Even if Feng'er is dead, I will take her body out of God Burial Mountain and bury her."


Jun Xuan hugged Grandfather Jun in fright and said nervously, "You can't go there. The Jun Family can't go on without you. And I don't want to lose you!"

"Alas." Grandfather Jun sighed and slowly raised his hand as if he was going to stroke Jun Xuan's head. Although Jun Xuan was so dignified and commanding in the Jun Family, he was always like a child before his Master, so it was not surprising that Grandfather Jun would do this.

"Master…" Jun Xuan's eyes were filled with tears. He raised his head and waited for the caress of his Master. However, what awaited him was not the caress of his Master…

With a thud, Grandfather Jun's hand hit him hard on the forehead. Jun Xuan immediately saw stars. He felt dizzy and fell backward.

Before he fell into unconsciousness, Jun Xuan just said, "Master, you're so cruel to me!"

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