Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1556 - Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (6)

Chapter 1556: Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (6)

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Jun Xuan’s face greatly changed and he held Grandfather Jun’s arms in panic. He was so worried that he almost cried out, “Master, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t make you so angry. Look, you even spit out blood! I promise I will obey you in everything and never make you angry.”

Jun Xuan thought Grandfather Jun spat out blood because he was too angry at him.


Grandfather Jun’s face was pale and sad.

“Feng’er… is dead.”

“What?” Jun Xuan widened his eyes in shock and stared at Grandfather Jun, “It’s impossible. You’ve given her the soul jade pendant. If she is in danger, she can break the jade pendant and you’ll go save her. But she hasn’t broken it, so I think she is safe.”

Grandfather Jun shook his head sadly, “If Feng’er really breaks the soul jade pendant, it means the danger she encountered can be solved! The fact that she didn’t even touch the jade pendant proves that even if I show up, I won’t be able to save her. From what I know of her, she wouldn’t get me involved if she knew she was going to die!”

Besides the jade pendant gifted by Jun Fengling, Yun Luofeng also carried a soul jade pendant that Grandfather Jun gave to her before she left with her. It was because of this soul jade pendant that Grandfather Jun sensed that Yun Luofeng was in deadly peril.

Maybe she no longer existed in this world…

Two lines of tears ran down from Grandfather Jun’s eyes, “If I had known this, I wouldn’t have let her go to the God Burial Mountain alone.”

In the corner of the courtyard, Jun Ling’er hid behind the wall. Maybe Grandfather Jun was so sad that he didn’t realize that Jun Ling’er had heard his words.

At this moment, Jun Ling’er was trembling all over, her face covered with tears.

Sister Yun died?

Sister Yun, who protected her from Cao Yueqin, was dead?

That was impossible!

How could Sister Yun who was so powerful and domineering die?

Grandpa must be lying.

Jun Ling’er tightly bit her lips, turned around and walked outside the Jun Family. She just walked a few steps before she was caught by a hand behind her.

“Ling’er, where are you going?”

Jun Ling’er trembled, with her back to the man behind, and a resolute gleam flickered across her slightly lowered eyes. “Yifei, I’m just going out for a walk… ”

“Go out for a walk? I think… you’re going to God Burial Mountain, right?”

Hua Yifei stared at Jun Ling’er intently. Under his stare, Jun Ling’er had nowhere to hide.

“Yifei, I just want to check whether Sister Yun is really dead.”

“No, it’s too dangerous. You can’t go there!” Hua Yifei tightly held Jun Ling’s hand and said.

Jun Ling’er looked sad, and her lank body looked even a bit piteous.

Even so, her voice was still resolute. “When Cao Yueqin bullied me, she was the one who stood up to protect me! Even my father asked me to just endure Cao Yueqin, but she insisted on giving Cao Yueqin a lesson! Yifei, in this world, besides Grandpa, only you and her would stand beside me regardless of everything. Even my father can’t do this…”

Jun Ling’er didn’t mean to blame Jun Xuan. After all, as master of the Jun Family, Jun Xuan had to consider a lot of things. She just wanted to tell Hua Yifei the reason why she had to go to the God Mountain.


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