Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1553 - Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (3)

Chapter 1553: Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (3)

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First Elder shook his head and sighed helplessly, “Even if she does, she can’t be the one because she is so disrespectful to gods.”

Xuan Yuan could not help clenching his fist and glancing at the window in front of him, with a touch of worry in his eyes. He certainly hoped that Yun Luofeng was the one First Elder mentioned, and then she would survive…

In the palace, a beautiful woman fidgeted, and her face was filled with worry. Just then, a maid hurried in, knelt down in front of the woman, and respectfully reported, “Your Highness, just now I overheard the conversation of First Elder and His Majesty… ” Then the maid reported the contents of their conversation to her word by word.

The queen lowered her eyes and pondered. After quite a while, she gave a sneer. “A god-sent savior who can take us out of here? So if anyone can find a way out, they would be treated as a god?”

The maid lowered her head and said in a respectful voice, “Yes, First Elder did say so.”

The queen rolled her eyes, her grim eyes sparkling with a malevolent light. For some reason, she had a hunch that Yun Luofeng’s arrival might be destined. Maybe she could really take them out of here.

“No, I can’t just sit around! Only I can be the queen! And the most respected woman must be me!”

Only in this way could she stand beside the king.

If Yun Luofeng died, that would be fine. But if she succeeded, First Elder would probably force her to give way to Yun Luofeng in order to win her over. At that time, how could she refuse? To defend her position and her husband, she must do something!

At this moment, the Empress forgot what Lin Youyu said before she died. All she knew was that Yun Luofeng must die!

“Your Highness…” the imperial maid paused and got up her courage, “Yun Luofeng has already gone to the forbidden area in the back mountain. Without First Elder’s consent, we can’t go to the back mountain.”

“It doesn’t matter,” the queen smiled insidiously, “I have a way to enter it.”

If it were before, the queen would not risk her own life, but now, for her husband, she could not care so much.

“Xiao Chun, I’m going to the back mountain now. If His Majesty comes to see me, you must stop him!”

“Yes, your Highness.” Xiao Chun lowered her head again and responded respectfully.

With that, the queen quickly walked out and hurried to the back mountain…

At the entrance to the back mountain, seeing the queen quickly coming towards them, two guards hurriedly blocked her way with their swords and said expressionlessly, “Your Highness, no one can enter the back mountain without the consent of First Elder.”

The queen scowled and snapped, “Don’t you dare stand in my way! I came here by the order of First Elder. Get out of my way!”

“Your Highness, I’m sorry, but you can’t enter the back mountain unless you show me the token of First Elder.”

The queen sneered, “First Elder only has one token and he has given it to Miss Yun. Where can I find another one for you?”

“Well…” The guards were speechless and looked at each other, doubting the truth of the queen’s words.

The queen’s eyes turned colder, “To tell you the truth, I came here because First Elder regretted and asked me to bring Miss Yun back. If Miss Yun dies in the back mountain because of you, can you bear the responsibility?”

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